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Continuing with my organization process, I wanted to share some of my “daily” tasks. First off:  Twitter.  I try to tweet at least 3 times per week. This goes for work as well. There is a work account that a co-worker and I manage. So, when I go to tweet, I try to make sure I’m doing it for both – my personal account and the work account.

The personal account has a few friends following, along with mostly work-related followers.  On the other hand, I mostly follow crafty sites and Christian-bloggers.

Then, for work, we follow alumni and current students – and those people generally follow us in return.  And, maybe a few recruits.

With both accounts, we tweet and upload pics.

I do find that I edit my personal tweets though.  I know too many of the people that are following me, and I hold back.  I don’t know if that’s good or not. I prefer anonymity.  But, I guess we can’t have everything.

I demand an awful lot of myself. And, I’m ok with that. Things are ever-evolving for me. What works for me, may not work for you. And, just as I find something that works for me, things change, and I need to adapt my lists.

Right now. In this season. Today, I find that there are three things that are keeping me organized. In no particular fashion:

  • I use this list from Darlene at Time-Warp Wife. Every week. I like putting down things and crossing them off. It totally works for me.  It allows me to see what I don’t do.  I am very forgiving about this – I don’t beat myself up if I don’t get to something. I know that other things take precedence sometimes.
  • I adore my life planner from erin condren. It’s like a min-journal and calendar all in one. I am drawn to the colors. I like seeing things pop-out on the page with the stickers they include. It has been a life-saver!
  • I have my own house-keeping schedule I use. It’s nothing fancy – I just know that on Thursdays I dust, Tuesdays I clean the bathrooms, etc.  I don’t really think about it. I have done this for years and have adapted my cleaning schedule based on my life. I also have tweaked it during the summer months. I mean, I ‘m home all the time then, so it needs to be changed for those few months.

This stuff works. For me. I am continually reading blogs and advice columns about staying organized. And, that’s all great and everything, but the important thing is to find what works for YOU. See, THIS works for me. It probably won’t work for anyone else.  So, look around and see what will help you. It will take some trial and error. And, it will also mean, that you will need to adapt as you change from season to season.  What worked for me in high school does NOT work for me now. But, that doesn’t mean my organization or life-planning skills were horrible in high school. It just means that things have changed, and we must turn, turn, turn.  Ok, so now I’m singing.

Most importantly for me, I do not live and die by the schedule I make for myself. I allow myself much forgiveness. I know there are surprises that pop-up. I allow myself to work ahead on things, or even let them stack up on another day.  I am not TIED to my schedule. I think we can fall into nasty habits by allowing our lives to be dictated by schedules with no room for wiggles.

I think within the next few posts I’m going to blog about a few of the things on my lists.  Hopefully sharing some advice and motivation with you.

my mojo is back


sleep (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

I got it baby! I did the show last night. Got home at 10:15.  And, by the time I showered, did show notes, and checked email – I didn’t get to bed till 11:30. Then I couldn’t fall asleep. It’s hard to turn off my head after a show.

Then, I had a kitten sleeping across my neck at 4:30. And, knowing full well my alarm was ready to go off at 5, that made it damn near impossible for me to sleep. So, I tried for 30 minutes. Then, the alarm went off. Then I tried snoozing till 5:15.  I gave in and got out of bed.  I got to work at 6.  I got so much done!

And, I’m feeling great – not tired at all – yet.  I hope I can keep this up.  My day is not too crazy.  So, hopefully I can crank out some much needed fun stuff.

But first, off to critique last night’s show.

Usually I am a Monday-lover. I know some people think that’s crazy. But, I really do love Mondays.


Sunday (Photo credit: ex.libris)

So, I’m just not feeling it today. I think there are basically two reasons. I slept poorly on Saturday night.  That made my entire Sunday a drag. Saturday night I had Atlantis in bed with me and the kitty. Mark had to go to the couch.  So, I was there competing for my own pillow. And, because I was out-of-it all day Sunday, I took a nap. A GREAT nap. For an hour and a half. I didn’t move once!  Then, I thought I would have a hard time falling asleep, but nope. I was starting to get sleepy around 10. But, I was SO congested from allergies that I took a Benadryl. And those things wipe me out!  So, now, I ‘m a bit of a fog again. And, it’s making me not like my Monday. It’s making me want to sleep.  And not do things on my list.  This isn’t like  me.

I know I will return to normal very soon.Probably tomorrow. But, tonight. Tonight I have a show. Yikes. I will muster up the energy, then I will be drained. You know, that may be what I need.  We’ll see.

Five Minute Friday

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Five Minute Friday

So, here we go. Race. Uhm, I would dearly love to race. Like a 5K or something. But, I don’t know. You see, I’m pretty private about some stuff. So, I sure don’t want people to know I’m racing OR training. And, I’m in such a small community that everyone know. Because everyone is like that.

Race. I suppose I also think of rat race. But that seems odd.

What about race to the holidays? That is one. I adore the holidays. But, I really try hard NOT to want them to get here too soon. I am kind of afraid of time whizzing past me.

I also think that like can be a race. But, who are was racing against? I have never been competitive. I do care what people think and say. It’s hard not too. But, I also don’t let it affect me. If anything it just makes me stronger.

Racing is something that also stressed me out. I am not competitive. I am laid back. I fear losing. I fear failure. I don’t race. I don’t compete. I am a loner. I suppose running would be the only sport I could really do. I just don’t like being physical around anyone else.

Race. Race. Race. I am struggling because I don’t really RACE for anything.

Ok, I’m done.

again with the awkwardness

English: Photograph of abdomen of a pregnant woman

Let me set this up for you.  Yesterday at work we had a big luncheon get-together. You know, they grilled hamburgers, we all got together. Fellowship. So, I head over there.  I sat with a co-worker from my department.  She is 5 months pregnant with her first. Shortly after we sat down, another co-worker stopped by. This woman is recently back from maternity leave after her second baby.  So, that momma had to come over and rub the pregnant woman’s belly.  Anyway, they started talking about pregnancy. I’m fine with that. I listened, I smiled, I nodded, I raised my eyebrows at appropriate times. And it went on and on. I finished my hamburger. I finished my chips. I finished my bottle of water. Then I proceeded to remove the label from my water bottle.

At one point I glanced up and the momma that had just returned from maternity leave caught my eyes. And in a SPLIT second. I mean, seriously – beyond nanoseconds. She suddenly realized she was talking to me about pregnancy. Me!  Then she stopped mid-sentence. She fumbled for some words, then awkwardly sputtered, “So, how is Atlantis doing?”  The pregnant momma turned her head to me – she was very confused. Why in the world did this other woman suddenly stop talking mid-sentence and turn to me to ask about my daughter?  With a scrunched up face she looked at me, and guess what? She caught on suddenly. So there I am with a water bottle wrapper in my hands and two mommas who are dripping with pity for me.  Lovely.

I smiled and said very quickly, “She’s just great.  How are your little ones?”  Then it was ok. Those two felt better. They sighed and went on talking. Whew – they didn’t stress out the infertile woman.  They were relieved. I, however, slowly gathered my mess and mumbled something about a meeting and smiled really big and left.  There was no meeting. I just really needed to get out of there.

Yes, it can be awkward. But, it’s only awkward when others make it that way.  Then I feel self-conscious.  Then I feel like a dork.  But, what can I do?

i love lamp

When I was little I would walk to and from school. I had neighbor kids to walk with. And, my brother of course. Normally it was no big deal. But, my mother hardly EVER picked us up. We walked in rain and snow.  I know, I know…

But, one of my favorite things was to come home on a crisp afternoon and she would have the lamp on in the living room. We hardly EVER used our living room. The living room was for company only.  So, that lamp wasn’t on very frequently.  But, it was a cozy room. Kind of small – lots of dark colors. But she would have the lamp on – it sat right in front of the big windows and the drapes would be pulled back. It gave off such a glow, I loved it.

I am still kind of in love with driving by people’s homes and seeing their drapes or blinds open with the glow of a lamp. Now, I’m not a big overhead light kind of girl. In fact, I had a friend over last night, and she asked me if we could even SEE with it being so dim. I like lamps.  Thank you Ron Burgandy.

But, today is one of those days. It’s cool out. It’s dark. It’s supposed to start raining later on. I will pick her up after school and then she and I will come home. I will turn on some lamps. It will be cozy inside. It will be warm. She and I will share a snack. I may make some tea or hot chocolate. And there will be the soft glow of a lamp. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

And guess what? My little one is the exact same. She loves things cozy. She likes to snuggle, she likes to sip warm drinks, she loves the fireplace – and I love her for that.  I love how each season defines my family. During the fall, we like the cozy things. During the summer we are a pool/lake family.  But, most importantly – we are a family.

Tonight, we will gather around a lamp and make memories.


Mark and I normally cuddle up on the couch and watch the 10:00 news together. Last night, he was working late. He had a recruiting trip. He didn’t get home until after 9:30. So, we ended up sitting on the couch and got caught up with our nights.  We missed the news.

Afterwards, I got on facebook.  I was scanning my newsfeed. I saw a news report about someone involved in a murder-suicide. It was our social worker. I gasped. I could barely spit out the words. Mark came over to peer over my shoulder.  We clicked on the links. It was her. Her husband had shot her and turned the gun on himself.

I cried. A lot.  I am still rather teary.  She was our social worker. She FOUND our daughter.  She was at the court hearing when we adopted our daughter. She has been to our home numerous times. She was an angel. Really – an angel.  She united us.  Without her – I don’t know if we all three would’ve found each other.  My mind cannot comprehend what’s going on.  I have so many questions. The injustice. The heartache. Her children!  Her children – her two little boys whom she ADORED!

I am distraught.

Scripture isn’t comforting right now. I am angry.

Fall is here

The wee one and I made cookies last night. They were ok. IF I make them again I would leave out the granulated sugar. The brown sugar and the syrup make them sweet enough.  The hubs doesn’t care for them. I think they’re only ok. The wee one likes them. And, here’s the kicker – she likes NOTHING. So, I think it’s a keeper of a recipe if she eats them. I mean, how else do I get oatmeal down her gullet?

Mark will be away again this evening. He is taking a group of students to a local high school production. Getting some recruiting out of the way.  She and I really don’t have much planned. I imagine crafting will be in order. I started her mermaid skirt last night, but I need to grab some more fabric from work tomorrow. So tonight – it will probably be knitting for the two of us.

She has choir after school, so that means she doesn’t come home till late. I went to the store and grabbed some stuff for sandwiches. I was kind of tempted to just suggest that we go out and eat. But, I’m really trying to NOT do that.  I’m proud that I went to the store!

And this is why I love my family! We went out-of-town this weekend. We took a bit of a three-day weekend. We spent time with family. It really is great to be together with them all. It renews my spirit and puts a smile on face.

Most importantly, the kiddos has a blast. That’s all that matters. This whole – putting your kids first thing – is amazing. I get so much pleasure from watching them smile and giggle. They are cousins. They love and adore each other. They are forever holding hands, hugging, kissing, giggling, sitting by each other and telling secrets. That’s good. They’re both only children. Well, being raised as only children, I should say. So, this interaction is important. This is really all the wee one has to interact with as far as family is concerned. That’s why it’s important. We also Skype a lot – more so during the cooler months. We can’t go outside, so we Skype. Inside can get awful boring once in a while.

We got back in town yesterday around lunch time. We got up early! But, it was worth it. I worked all day – unpacking, laundry, getting things ready for the week, grocery shopping – you name it! The hubby patched up a wall and did some painting in the dining room. It was a full day.

And, today is Monday – for that I am thankful. I know I’m in the minority, but i really like Mondays. I just love accomplishing things. The wee one is outside playing, so that’s a blessing. She will be home soon. She and I are on our own tonight. It’s Homecoming week at the college, and the hubby is busy with activities. So, she and I will scrounge up something for dinner. She has some leftovers, and I will find something. No worries. She and I are going to attempt to bake cookies tonight, and we want to decorate the front yard with pumpkins!