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Behold the Dreamers

By Imbolo Mbue

This wasn’t bad at all. It kept me interested and I kind of like the short chapters. They grew on me. At first I was like – why so many chapters. But, it came off like a play, almost episodic. I imagine this story happens to many people daily. I can’t imagine the frustration and fear. They are dreamers. What has happened to their dreams now? We all have to adjust and alter our dreams all the time. It’s just something I don’t want to think about. It can get depressing. But, I think we are supposed to realize that dreams change and it’s not always a bad thing. This is one of those life-lessons. I don’t have to like it. Things change – all the time.


Jester reading a book


I am a reader. i used to read a bunch. But, alas, life happens.  For many years, I read TO Atlantis, then when she was first learning to read, I always had to listen to her. But now, she is on her own with reading.  Which means – I can finally read.

I keep my books on this book, as well as another one – which is terribly old. I use goodreads. But, many  moons before goodreads and the interwebs, I kept book journals. I wrote down the start and ending dates of books along with my own little book review.  i still have those darn things. So, I have probably kept track of my reading for at least 14 years. How crazy is that?  Now, I am also fortunate to have to read for my job. So, that is super helpful as well.

But, I am a booklover!  And, I just happen to be hosting an online Usbourne party.  Here is the link to my party!  So, if you love books just as much as we do – take a look and load up for the holidays. Thanks!

So, it’s summer around here.  The pool is open. I am enjoying my afternoons. I am happy!

What am I crafting?

Well, I am currently knitting the Belinda shawl from Mason-Dixon:  Knitting Outside the Lines

I am using Elann Peruvian Baby Lace Merino in the colorway Ruby.  So far, so good.

I also signed up for the Pan Am Jacket KAL at Knitting Daily.  I am anxiously awaiting my yarn in the mail. I ordered some Cascade 220 in the colorway River Rock.  I need to get it and start swatching!

I am reading the first book of Game of Thrones. I have watched the first season and am waiting to watch the second season until I finish the last 100 pages of the book.

I am still keeping up with new recipes every week.  I am keeping the house extra tidy.  I am on top of things and it feels great!