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crafterly things

Knitting Kit-Jimin

Knitting Kit-Jimin (Photo credit: nist6ss)

Tomdeads sewing machineLong-armed cross stitch

I am a crafter, and I always have been. Though there have been seasons in my life where I haven’t crafted as much.  My parents would buy me paint-by-number sets, and markers, and eventually I started to cross-stitch. I thought I was pretty hot stuff then. In high school I would cross-stitch once in a while. Hardly ever. Like, I don’t think I even finished a project.  In college, I didn’t work on it either. But, right before I graduated, I went out and bought a HUGE cross stitch project. Well, big for me. It was like 9 x 11.  And, I started it. Then I put it away.

In grad school, I picked up a couple more cross-stitch projects. Then I started to sew. Because I had to. We had to do costume shop hours. So, one summer I spent 4 hours a day in the costume shop. I learned to sew. I learned to surge. I learned a lot!  I loved it!  I felt creative again!

After grad school I got my first sewing machine. It was pretty basic, but it totally worked for me.  I did some cross stitching, some embroidery, and then I started to learn to knit.  I was busy! And, it really kept up from there. My one craft I love is knitting. I love to sew. I am lucky enough to have a little one that loves to do all those things as well. We totally love crafting together. It’s been a joy for us.

I try to do something crafty every day. Mostly knitting, but not all the time. Sometimes I have to forego my projects so I can help her with her little projects. It’s a lot of fun.

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