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I place some blogging demands on myself as well. I maintain three blogs. Let me explain.

I have one blog that is ONLY for my family. You see, when we first adopted Atlantis, we had so much news – every day- what was going on, how the paperwork was going, the phone calls, the visits, etc.  And, it was easier to set up a blog and post ONCE rather than continually update family. Well, six years later, and I’m STILL posting. Every day. Ok, not every day.  But, about 97% of the time I do.  I hardly EVER miss. It’s my routine. She gets tucked in, and I go blog. I blog about the day. Boring things that no one cares about but those of us that love her.

Then, in January of this year, I started a picture-a-day blog.  I have my alarm set for 5:00 on my phone. Then, I just snap a picture of where I am, and upload to Flicker. Then, when I’m sitting down to blog for the night, I just upload that to its own blog. I’ve discovered that 5:00 around our house involves a lot of dinner prep. So, my pics are normally cutting boards, food, the microwave, etc.

Then, there’s this blog. I ask myself to blog five times a week. Do I do that? No. I think 3 is more common for me.

I keep track of how frequently I blog too. I have a little chart, then I kind of know if I should be blogging or devoting time to some other activity.

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