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crafterly things

Knitting Kit-Jimin

Knitting Kit-Jimin (Photo credit: nist6ss)

Tomdeads sewing machineLong-armed cross stitch

I am a crafter, and I always have been. Though there have been seasons in my life where I haven’t crafted as much.  My parents would buy me paint-by-number sets, and markers, and eventually I started to cross-stitch. I thought I was pretty hot stuff then. In high school I would cross-stitch once in a while. Hardly ever. Like, I don’t think I even finished a project.  In college, I didn’t work on it either. But, right before I graduated, I went out and bought a HUGE cross stitch project. Well, big for me. It was like 9 x 11.  And, I started it. Then I put it away.

In grad school, I picked up a couple more cross-stitch projects. Then I started to sew. Because I had to. We had to do costume shop hours. So, one summer I spent 4 hours a day in the costume shop. I learned to sew. I learned to surge. I learned a lot!  I loved it!  I felt creative again!

After grad school I got my first sewing machine. It was pretty basic, but it totally worked for me.  I did some cross stitching, some embroidery, and then I started to learn to knit.  I was busy! And, it really kept up from there. My one craft I love is knitting. I love to sew. I am lucky enough to have a little one that loves to do all those things as well. We totally love crafting together. It’s been a joy for us.

I try to do something crafty every day. Mostly knitting, but not all the time. Sometimes I have to forego my projects so I can help her with her little projects. It’s a lot of fun.

keepin’ up

I put a lot of pressure on myself to do certain things at certain times. But, I really get enjoyment out of it. In fact – I’m gonna act like a little motivational speaker here- but I think I’ve found MY way to MY happiness.

About a year ago I was kind of in a funk. Nothing bad, just a tad lost. Realize, it was only personal, I just wasn’t having as much enjoyment out of life as I wanted.  I also decided that “thinking” about it too much was not the right thing to do. Well, I was wrong.  Fast forward about 6 months, and I started to really think about WHY I was feeling this way. I couldn’t figure it out. Everything seemed pretty perfect in my world.  So, I started to reflect on my past – specifically those times when I really felt “complete” (ok, that’s a stupid word, but it’s what came to mind right now – I may eventually edit it).  And, what I realized is that I carved out time for ME.  And, again – I’m having a word issue because TIME isn’t necessarily what it’s about. It’s more about THINGS.

For example:

  • Blogging (reading) – reading blogs inspires the hell out of me.  I’m such an introvert that I pretty  much don’t talk to anyone other than my mom, hubby and daughter. So, it’s good to follow people and see what they’re doing. Plus, I kind of feel invincible when I read blogs. I feel like I can do whatever they’re doing.  I feel empowered.
  • Blogging (writing) –  I have a few blogs.  Seriously.  They are for my eyes only. It’s a chance for me to write (which is something I love).  I have one blog specifically for family members. When we were in the process of adopting I found it easier to blog every night rather than call and email the masses to keep them informed of our progress. And, five years later, I’m still doing it. Every day. I also started a Picture-A-Day blog on January 1st of this year. I have my phone alarm set for 5pm. I snap a picture right then and upload to Flickr, and then load it to the blog.
    Dansk: Kamillete English: A cup of chamomile t...

    Dansk: Kamillete English: A cup of chamomile tea Deutsch: Kamillentee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    I have a pretty dead tea blog (I’m kind of a tea snob), so I kept track of what I had on my shelf, and what teas I adored. Now, I use Steepster. I have a dead craft blog. I needed a place to showcase my creations.  Since then I use Ravelry. I have a dead reading blog. Now, I have my reading list on this blog. But, I have kept track of every book I’ve read since 2004.  I have a dead personal blog. That what started in 2004 as well. I updated at least daily. I made tons of friends through it. I blogged faithfully for about 5 years then I stopped for some reason.  This blog is an attempt to re-create that experience.  I also have 2 blogs I started for NaNoWriMo.  They are both a work in progress.  Then, I have a couple of work blogs – you know, just a place where students can go to read information I post.  But, I think we can all see that I like blogging.

  • Crafts – I knit. I have a tattoo of a yarn ball with knitting needles. On my wrist.  I love to craft. All the time.  It is good for me.
  • Kitchen– I love to be in the kitchen. I like to cook and bake. I try and do a t least one new recipe a week. Depending on how crazy it is in my house. Sometimes I can crank out two or three a week. That makes me happy.

    Bread in baking pan Polski: Chleb w foremce

    Bread in baking pan Polski: Chleb w foremce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These things make me happy. Very happy. So, I have a concerted effort to make time for this stuff.  And, it doesn’t mean that I take time away from my family.  I craft with  Atlantis all the time. She is as crafty as I am. I love that about her.  I cook with her. I bake with her. She loves helping me.  Plus, we all get to sit down and enjoy the goodness together.

So, I  decided to make these things a priority.  I started in January. And guess what? I found what I was missing. In fact, I’ve added things to my list. I’ll blab about things later.  But, these changes have completely changed my little world. I’m at that happy place again. It really didn’t take much. I just needed to think back to my happy times and figure out what I was doing then. And, I did. I found it!



Here is Atlantis holding up the shawlette I made for Mother’s Day for my mom. It’s blocked and packed and ready to go. This also makes me happy.  Yarn and my baby girl!!!  I am the luckiest person in the whole wide world!!

30 day knitting challenge

I saw this floating around and stole it from:  Opi

30 Day Knitting Challenge Day 1: What was your first finished project?

Day 2: What is currently on your needles?

Day 3: Do you have any other WIPs (works in progress)?

Day 4: How did you learn how to knit?

Day 5: How long did it take from the time your learned how to knit, to finish your first project?

Day 6: What is your favorite piece that you’ve knit?

Day 7: Your least favorite?

Day 8: What’s your most challenging project?

Day 9: What fiber or yarn do you love working with?

Day 10: Do you have a favorite pattern or designer?

Day 11: Do you have a “Knitter Hero” or someone that is just way too awesome for their own good? Do share!

Day 12: Where do you keep your stash? Post pictures!

Day 13: Do you have yarn that you love but can’t find a project for?

Day 14: What’s the worst yarn/fiber that you’ve worked with and why?

Day 15: What was your least favorite pattern and why?

Day 16: Have you ever had a knitting related injury?

Day 17: Have you ever had a project that you loved become ruined? What’s the story behind it?

Day 18: Do you knit English or Continental?

Day 19: Do you watch movies and/or listen to podcasts while knitting? What are your favorite things to knit to?

Day 20: Do you knit in public? Was anyone offended/incredibly happy/curious that you were doing so?

Day 21: Do you knit gifts for friends and family for the holidays or birthdays?

Day 22: Have you ever stricken someone off your to-knit-for list because they didn’t appreciate/take care of your last knitted gift to them?

Day 23: If you had the supplies (and patience) for it, what project would you start today?

Day 24: Have you ever made your own pattern or dyed your own yarn? How did it turn out?

Day 25: Do you have a knitting book or a place where you keep patterns, ideas, size measurements? Post a picture of it!

Day 26: Have you ever been a part, or wanted to be a part of a knit-a-long? What was it? If not, why?

Day 27: How do you acquire most of yarn? Online retailers, local yarn shops, swaps, or large chain craft stores? What’s your favorite?

Day 28: Do you do any other crafts besides knitting? What are they, and did learning to knit come before or after learning these other crafts?

Day 29: Do you have any tips, or things that you’ve learned from knitting?

Day 30: What’s your name on Ravelry? If you don’t have a Ravelry account, why?

So, let me begin with #1

My very first project was a scarf, but it turned out to be the size of a placement. Consequently, I gave it to one of the kitties to sleep on. It had yarnovers all over it. It was made of black acrylic.  It was covered in cat hair even before I gave it to the kitties.  The edges weren’t straight because I added and decreased randomly without knowing it. I ended up throwing it away a few years later. No regrets. I was very proud. It was the start of something great!