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Five Minute Friday

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Five Minute Friday

So, here we go. Race. Uhm, I would dearly love to race. Like a 5K or something. But, I don’t know. You see, I’m pretty private about some stuff. So, I sure don’t want people to know I’m racing OR training. And, I’m in such a small community that everyone know. Because everyone is like that.

Race. I suppose I also think of rat race. But that seems odd.

What about race to the holidays? That is one. I adore the holidays. But, I really try hard NOT to want them to get here too soon. I am kind of afraid of time whizzing past me.

I also think that like can be a race. But, who are was racing against? I have never been competitive. I do care what people think and say. It’s hard not too. But, I also don’t let it affect me. If anything it just makes me stronger.

Racing is something that also stressed me out. I am not competitive. I am laid back. I fear losing. I fear failure. I don’t race. I don’t compete. I am a loner. I suppose running would be the only sport I could really do. I just don’t like being physical around anyone else.

Race. Race. Race. I am struggling because I don’t really RACE for anything.

Ok, I’m done.

2 Responses

  1. I relate with your lack of competitiveness, but I would encourage you to train for the 5K! There is something so satisfying about getting across that finish line, especially when you have spent time training. Maybe you could find a buddy to train with? Also, I liked your mention of race to the holidays…I like that one too! This is definitely my favorite time of year! Bless you today 🙂

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