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Another week

I have said it many times. Mondays are my favorite day! Mondays are like January 1st. It’s a time to start anew. It’s a time to begin again. It’s a time to remake yourself. I know people wait until January 1st or the first of the month. But not me. I wait for Mondays. It’s amazing. I get to begin every seven days.  Hallelujah!


I’m trying. Day 1.

I’m trying. I am. Today, I’m trying.  I am going to do it. Why? Because I am glorious. Glorious – possessing or deserving of glory.  That’s me.  Today I start. Truly. I start.

What is distracting me?  Myself. I am my biggest distraction. I can’t blame social media. I can’t blame TV. I blame me. Me. I doubt. I falter. But, that changes today. I have no idea why today. But who cares. It changes.

I have mighty plans. Mighty plans, indeed. I’m not listing them all here, but I am a’changin’.

And, you guessed it. This is one of those plans that I have.  I have had this blog for who-knows-how-long.  I think about this blog frequently. But, thinking doesn’t make me glorious, now, does it?

This is making me glorious. Therefore, I am pleased to welcome all of my new readers. I know you are in similar situations. We are busy. We are all busy. But, we can’t let ourselves distract ourselves.  I struggle with this. But, I am pleased to announce that I no longer am allowing myself to be a distraction. I am focused. I am meditating and  asking myself to give myself some grace. I need the focus. I do not need to distract myself.

I have mantras to help guide me. I am glorious. I am changing. I am enlightened. I am vibrating at a high frequency.

And this is why I love my family! We went out-of-town this weekend. We took a bit of a three-day weekend. We spent time with family. It really is great to be together with them all. It renews my spirit and puts a smile on face.

Most importantly, the kiddos has a blast. That’s all that matters. This whole – putting your kids first thing – is amazing. I get so much pleasure from watching them smile and giggle. They are cousins. They love and adore each other. They are forever holding hands, hugging, kissing, giggling, sitting by each other and telling secrets. That’s good. They’re both only children. Well, being raised as only children, I should say. So, this interaction is important. This is really all the wee one has to interact with as far as family is concerned. That’s why it’s important. We also Skype a lot – more so during the cooler months. We can’t go outside, so we Skype. Inside can get awful boring once in a while.

We got back in town yesterday around lunch time. We got up early! But, it was worth it. I worked all day – unpacking, laundry, getting things ready for the week, grocery shopping – you name it! The hubby patched up a wall and did some painting in the dining room. It was a full day.

And, today is Monday – for that I am thankful. I know I’m in the minority, but i really like Mondays. I just love accomplishing things. The wee one is outside playing, so that’s a blessing. She will be home soon. She and I are on our own tonight. It’s Homecoming week at the college, and the hubby is busy with activities. So, she and I will scrounge up something for dinner. She has some leftovers, and I will find something. No worries. She and I are going to attempt to bake cookies tonight, and we want to decorate the front yard with pumpkins!

just another sunday

We woke up to see what the bunny brought at 7:30.  Not bad. Much later than normal years. She was excited.  We were tired. We went back to bed till 10 and then got up and all went out for breakfast.  Perfect day for us.

She and I started our first Project Life page today. She is super excited about it too. I was kind of afraid she wouldn’t care too much about it. But, she is very excited. She is filling out the journaling cards and she is taking pictures. I adore that. She and I run to the photo print machine with our handy little memory card and she can print off the pics herself.  We bought fun archival glitter pens. She is concerned about laying it out, using the stickers, writing and drawing pics. I am so happy. What a treasure for us. Even if we only do it for one year.  It’s still going to be a great joy for us.  I can’t wait to see how it goes. I’m sure there will be times that she isn’t thrilled about doing it – but I think those times will be few and far between.

I hope…

easter is coming

So, Easter is right around the corner. And, what are we doing?  My god – people are obsessed with that question.  So, I tell them the truth. Nothing. We’re doing nothing. We have no family near us, we really don’t want to hang out with others (we’re pretty bad introverts), and we just want to stay at home. Just the three of us.  Nothing fancy. Just us.

Hell, we’ll probably end up doing yard work, she’ll ride her bike up and down the street while all the other families gather around a ham or some other holiday goodness. We, will treat it like any other Sunday.  We are not really much for celebrations. I guess because our lack of family anywhere near us. And, we really don’t have friends. Please don’t have a pity party for us. We really don’t. We are introverted. We are homebodies. We are anti-social.  Seriously, like this last spring break.  We went almost an entire week without speaking to anyone other than just the three of us.  We do not communicate with others. Is that bad? We don’t think so. 

We call our home our “sanctuary”, and indeed it is.  The way our house is set up we kind of live in the back of the house.  I think when people or neighbors drive by they assume we sit in the dark all the time. Truth is, the three of us are having our own fun in the back. 

And that’s what we will do on Easter. It wil be the three of us. Just like we like it.