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easter is coming

So, Easter is right around the corner. And, what are we doing?  My god – people are obsessed with that question.  So, I tell them the truth. Nothing. We’re doing nothing. We have no family near us, we really don’t want to hang out with others (we’re pretty bad introverts), and we just want to stay at home. Just the three of us.  Nothing fancy. Just us.

Hell, we’ll probably end up doing yard work, she’ll ride her bike up and down the street while all the other families gather around a ham or some other holiday goodness. We, will treat it like any other Sunday.  We are not really much for celebrations. I guess because our lack of family anywhere near us. And, we really don’t have friends. Please don’t have a pity party for us. We really don’t. We are introverted. We are homebodies. We are anti-social.  Seriously, like this last spring break.  We went almost an entire week without speaking to anyone other than just the three of us.  We do not communicate with others. Is that bad? We don’t think so. 

We call our home our “sanctuary”, and indeed it is.  The way our house is set up we kind of live in the back of the house.  I think when people or neighbors drive by they assume we sit in the dark all the time. Truth is, the three of us are having our own fun in the back. 

And that’s what we will do on Easter. It wil be the three of us. Just like we like it.

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