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Ok, so I had to cry at work again today – this time it had nothing to do with my students. Shock of shockers. The troops from our area were shipped out today. We were all supposed to line the streets as they left town. I did. I was surrounded by lots of people – co-workers and students. As soon as we heard the police sirens going people started moving to the curb. Some were waving flags, most were cheering. I started to get teary eyed. I saw all these faces of men and women in uniform – none of which I knew. And I thought about how some may not come back. How scary would that be for the families? These people are leaving their jobs, their friends, their families – and going away to possibly be killed. That makes me so, so sad. Ok, I’m gonna cry again now. I support our troops, but I really wish they here and not there. I NEVER want anyone in harm’s way. I think I was the only one that got sad. It all happened in slow motion for me. I left as quickly as I could, I really needed to sit in my office alone for awhile. I can NOT even fathom what the families are going through. I’m bothered when Mark goes away on a business trip – I’m stressed about his safety, and I don’t sleep well till he’s back home. What would it be like to have a loved one in the middle of a frickin’ war? I would have to be drugged up on a daily basis in order to function. My God! I do not want to imagine that – I don’t know if I could do it.

But on to other things – while we were waiting at the parade. We all were sitting down, I was on this concrete bench thingy by the curb with a bunch of other people. I had kicked my shoes off and was swinging my feet. When the sirens started and I ran to the curb, I left my shoes there. Now, This was only about five feet away. When I turned around, my shoes were gone. I really didn’t have time to deal with this because I had a 2:15 meeting and it was already 2:00 and I had to get to my office, get my stuff, go to the bathroom, and gather my things for the night – because I was leaving as soon as the meeting was over. So I trod on through the school to my office. No one says anything until my secretary sees me. I can tell she knows what’s up, and I tell her that I really don’t have time to look for my shoes because I had a meeting and was going to have to go shoe-less. She said seemed confused and shocked that I wasn’t going to quiz the entire department about who had my shoes. Well, normally I would’ve, but I didn’t have time. I was the one running the meeting – I needed to be there ASAP. So I got my stuff done, and headed off to my meeting without shoes. No one noticed, or at least they didn’t say anything. But Mark comes slinking in right before we’re ready to start and he has my shoes. He says my secretary was outside the door and said the person who took my shoes thought I would try and search for them and it was just a joke. That’s fine – I know it’s a joke, I just did not have time to look for them – seriously. I had stuff going on then. I figured someone would return them eventually, and if not, I could always get another pair – they were just little black slides. Mark doesn’t know who did it either. So, I guess that’s over. It was a little strange though. I’m afraid everyone is gonna say that I can’t take a joke, but it’s not that – I was way behind on stuff and only had a few minutes to get it done. My priority wasn’t shoes – I guess I’ll try out tomorrow who did it…

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