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Tonight is going to be a great “bethanie” night . Mark has auditions this afternoon, so he’ll be home later. I’ll head home around lunch time without him. When he’s done with auditions he’ll come home for a little bit – then he’s going out to see a play. Why am I not going? I can’t stand melodramas! They’re just too cheesy for me. Mark feels like he must go and support people. I don’t feel that way, so I’m staying home and starting laundry. I plan on knitting and listening to a book or music or something. I will probably end up reading too. I’m in a baking mood, so who knows. I am bringing some grading home tonight too, so I need to get that done this weekend. I may rent a movie or watch something too, I have no idea what I’m doing, but I know it involves knitting.

The weather is STILL not cooperating. It’s supposed to be in the upper 80s today – lovely. It’s rainy, so it’s getting all muggy and humid. Lovely. I wish it would just please cool down for the love of God. I’m sick of the hot weather. It’s October, so it should be getting cooler. They say it’ll get cooler this weekend, but then who knows what will happen – it’ll probably shoot up to 90 again next week.

Here are my Friday Forum answers:

1] What was your first date like? When was it, and where did you go? What did you do? Did you have a good time?

I was 15 and he was 17. We worked at the same place. His name was Danny. We went to a movie, then we went to Wendy’s. I ate fries and a frosty. He had like 3 hamburgers, fries, frosty, pop – tons of food. Then we went to my house and he wanted to watch TV. So we sat in the living room watching TV. He pretty much ignored me – not on purpose, just cause he was a guy. I didn’t even walk him to the car or anything. It was kind of boring actually. He never asked me out again. That was fine, because I wasn’t much interested after that experience.

2] Who is the first person listed in your phone/address book? How do you know that person, and do you keep in touch often?

Tina – but she’s married now and her last name doesn’t begin with an A anymore. We met in college. We keep in touch via email once in awhile. Not too well though.

3] What’s the first music album that you ever bought yourself, with your own money? Do you still have it?

Shaun Cassidy. My Dad took me to Venture and I bought it with babysitting money. My parents said it was a waste of money, but I wanted it soooo badly. I do not still have it.

4] Do you remember your first day of high school, or perhaps your first day at college? What was it like, and how did you feel?

I vividly remember my first day of high school. I had gone to a very small Catholic school till high school. My high school was huge – like over 2000 kids. So this was a huge culture shock for me. And I was so stressed about it – my stomach was upset, I wasn’t eating, I spend forever in the bathroom getting sick. Horrible. I missed the bus the first day. My Catholic school didn’t have buses, so we just assumed I would step out the door and go to the corned at the exact time the schedule said – nope, the bus was like 5 minutes early and I missed it. My mom had to take me – totally embarrasing. I carried ALL my books with me because I couldn’t figure out my locker. I got lost – never knew which floor to be on – crazy. I had never been in a school cafeteria, so I didn’t eat lunch for the first couple of weeks because I couldn’t figure out the lunch line, and I was just so scared. I stayed in the bathroom the entire lunch period. I came home every day and cried. So yes, I do remember my first day of high school. Oddly enough I don’t remember my first day of college. I remember the first nigth I was dropped off at the dorms. I got drunk! Big time! I guess that’s what happens to the poor little sheltered Catholic girl when she goes away without her parents. All hell breaks loose…

5] Have you had any “firsts” recently ~ perhaps within the past month? [For example, trying a new food for the first time, traveling somewhere for the first time, grasping the concept of something for the first time, etc.]

I had to think about this – but yes. I stood up for myself in a meeting. I usually keep quite or if I’m really ballsy I’ll email my comments. It’s easier to email than say some things F2F. But this time, I just spoke up. I wasn’t even scared. I loved it. I felt really good afterwards. The result was good too. No one was mad, and the problem was solved. It gives me confidence for the future.

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