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This week is moving along slowly. I am ready for the weekend. But, alas, it’s not to be. I have an easy Wednesday, a busy Thursday, and a very busy Friday at work. Then it’s time to relax. I don’t think I’ll have lots of homework, which is good. I can spend time doing “me” things!

I have this one class that is frustrating the heck out of me. They just aren’t “getting it”. I have tried numerous approaches already, but they’re not where they should be at this point in the semester. I almost cried today. I excused them, and went to Mark’s office for advice and comfort. It’s just an odd mix of people and none of them seem to “get it” or even want to. I had a talk with them last week about – if you don’t want to be here, you don’t have to be here. It’s college – nobody is forcing to take this class. It’s not a requirement for graduation. So, I have no idea what they are thinking. We talked a little bit about it, and they all seemed clueless. They think they rock! The class is improv by the way. Most of them are not performers, which is fine. But at least they need to remember the basic rules of the games – but from one day to the next they act like they forgot everything. I try and review, but they have these blank looks on their faces. They also won’t follow directions. We were playing something today and I specifically asked them to keep it clean and not bring up any controversial topics. Well, they bring up racism. I about started banging my head on the floor. Then the week before we did the same type of thing and they started talking about “retards” – my god! Then when we sit down to discuss their inappropriate behavior they don’t get it. What? You can’t say “retard”? What is wrong with these people. They understand nothing. We are still doing things that I usually do the second week of school. This is like the 5th week – looks like I have a really slow bunch. Lucky me.

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