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Well, I broke our digital camera today. Isn’t that lovely? I was ready to take a picture at one of our homecoming things today, and when I pulled the lens cover thingy off to the side and the lens is supposed to come sliding out – it didn’t. It’s like it’s stuck. I’ve switched batteries, I’ve turned it off and on a zillion times, I’ve yanked on it a little bit. It’s stuck. You can’t take pictures that way. Mark needs to look at it yet, but if he can’t get it fixed I guess it’s time to buy a new one. Which is sad because that’s not even two years old. Sucks. But it was a gift, so technically we aren’t out anything. But still… I like that camera because it’s easy to use. I don’t know what we’ll do now. We have regular film cameras, plus Mark has a camera phone, but I want my own digi cam. Spoiled!

I had a busy day today. A thousand things going on all the time. It seems like I barely had time to sit. I did sit and visit with my mom on the phone tonight, other than that – and this time here – I’ve been going non-stop. I think I’m going to grab some knitting and re-fill my water (I’m over my cold from this weekend – but I’m mighty dehydrated) and turn on the TV in the bedroom and chill for a little bit. Sounds like a plan.

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