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While in my sickly state I decided I would have soup while Mark was away. I opened the can of tomato soup – condensed – and it was almost brown – I’m sorry, can you say OLD?? I really didn’t even know we had that on our shelves, but it must’ve been there since the stone ages. So, I got teary – like always. Then I poked around in the freezer and found a pack of those breakfast toaster thingies with eggs and bacon. I must have not closed the pack properly after the last usage because they were all freezer burned! Teary again.Distraught I grabbed some water and decided to read blogs.

I read some knitting blogs and got teary again because I suck at knitting and I have no one to ask for help. I am so sad by that. That’s a major disadvantage of living in the middle of nowhere.

After my shower – which worked wonders – I doused zit cream on random dots across my face. I figured – hey, I’m in for the night – who cares?

After walking around, watching TV, reading blogs and picking at magazines I knew I needed food. So, in my jammies I put on flip flops and grabbed a sweatshirt and headed to get fast food. I order, drive up and give the guy my money, I wait, he gives me my food, and I drive off. At the next stop sign I glance in the mirror and what do you think I discover? Zit cream!!! All over my face in big white polka dots! Lovely!!! I feel like a total idiot. I glance at the car next to me and the woman kind of does a double take. I quickly try and rub it off with spit because it’s all totally dried on my face by now. I eventually gave up. I only did the left side of my face because I figured that the right side was too far away for anyone to really see – plus it was getting dark.My night has been a joy.

I finished my food. Had some more tea. Did some knitting – which by the way, I am totally destroying what I’ve done because I can’t figure out the next instructions. Now I’m ready for a new activity. I think I’ll go to bed and read – at least the kitty doesn’t care if I have zit cream on my face.At least I feel a lot better – no coughing, but my throat still hurts. I hope that’s over by tomorrow

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