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This could be long – just a warning. Thursday night I was supposed to have my live online chat for my class I’m teaching. Mark was going to be our special guest – since he’s a playwright and director. The chat was to start at 5:30. The laptop is being fixed, so I was at home on our PC and Mark was at work. The chat is to last an hour, so I light some candles, brew some tea, and try to log on. By 5:20 I have tried like 5 times and can’t get into the room for some reason. Sooo, I panic. Mark calls, and I tell him he’ll have to start the chat while I race to school to log on. So, I blow out the candles, put on some jeans and shoes, and race to school in the rain. I get to school at 5:35 – thank goodness we live close. The chat goes fine, and the students understand, but man, was that close. Now I’m stressed about the next one – we’ll see what happens with that one.

Friday night we head out to see Seussical – it’s a musical Mark is doing next year. It’s ok. The music is hard, but I think we can do it. It really gave us some good ideas on set and costumes. We had dinner at a Chinese place that had a buffet – not bad. But, my tummy hurt a little bit afterwards – just a little upset. I knew that it wasn’t anything I ate, it was just not feeling well for some reason. We stopped off and got tacos for the ride home – this place is about an hour away. They screwed up Mark’s order, so he ate my order and I tried to eat his, but it wasn’t so good. I stayed up a little later than normal, and fell right asleep when we got home.

This morning I got up and had cereal. Then I was so tired once again I went back to bed. I got up and was coughing a little. We went to lunch at the coffee shop, and I was coughing and getting stuffed up more and more. We went to the liquor store to get stuff for tonight’s tailgating party. When we came home I was hacking and sniffling, so I chugged some orange juice, sipped some tea, popped some vitamin C, some ad*vil, and went back to bed. The nap helped calm my cough. But I still felt icky. I knew I couldn’t go to the football game tonight. There’s no way. I would be out there and my allergies would kick up, plus my throat was hurting and I knew I’d wanna scream and shout for the team. And, I knew the temperature was going to drop. I felt bad and started to cry a little bit – I usually cry when I’m sick – what a dork. I don’t have a fever though. But I am achey, sleepy, headachy, freezing, and my eyes are all runny, my nose is stuffed, my throat hurts, my chest is tight – you know, the usual. So, Mark went without me, he said he was gonna stay with me at first, but I told him to go. He has his cell phone, so I can call if I need him.

I have had some toast and more tea. I want to take a shower with a lot of hot water and just stand in the steam awhile. I have some soup I’ll probably have later. I really need to start a load of laundry – I may do that because that’s not that tiring to do. So, I’m gonna go feed the kitty and get in the shower. That should make me feel a little better. I can’t wait to put on jammies. It’s not even 6:30 yet – but I don’t care. I’ll probably just lie around and listen to the game on the radio. I’ll try knitting, but I really just feel like sitting. I may just go to bed early – who knows. Ok, I’m gonna walk around here with my blankie around my shoulders and a box of tissues under my arm – sounds like a fun Saturday night, huh?

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