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One excellent perk at work is the fact that I get free books all the time. Companies send teachers books to peruse. They know I teach lit and theatre, so I get tons of novels and plays and fun stuff. I just keep them all. Today I got a great copy of Great Expectations, and a book called Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s about the history – I can’t wait to read that. But, I read things in the order in which I get them. Obsess much? So, these books are last in my stack. My current stack has 52 total including my most recent additions. So, I suppose I’ll be reading that in about 8 or 9 months. I wish I could read lighting quick. Plus, I have all my actual school reading to do. So that adds up also. Good thing I love books!

It’s very cloudy and overcast today – but it’s still a little humid. I can kind of feel fall in the air, but not really.

We have a busy weekend planned. Tomorrow we are heading to see a musical that Mark is thinking about doing next summer. I hope it’s good. It’s new – it’s called Seussical. It’s based off of all the Dr. Seuss stories. It should be fun, but I hear it could be a little long. Then Saturday night we have a college football game. So that means tailgating is in order. What to make??? Plus, there are tons of little things that we need to take care of over the weekend too. That’s ok – as long as it’s fall-like weather I’ll be happy!

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