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Today was an awesome day. At our house we celebrate birthday “month” . Now that doesn’t mean the entire month of September is mine – it’s just that a week or so before and after my birthday is all for me. Today was kind of the start of it all. We started off by going shopping. I went to thrift store while Mark shopped for gifts for me at another place. We then went shopping for stuff for all my upcoming swaps. Then we had lunch at this pizza place for their lunch buffet. It was crazy there – so busy and crowded. Then we went grocery shopping and came home to take a little nap. Dinner was kind of a fend-for-yourself thing. So I had artichokes. MMMM! I love them! Then Mark gave me two of my birthday gifts!! I know it’s early, but we can never ever wait! I got this awesome lunchbox! It’s a metal kind with Snow White, Belle, and Cinderella on it. I have it all filled and ready to go for tomorrow. Then he gave me a Mr. Potato Head! I love it! It’s so cute. I’ve decorated him and he’s going to school tomorrow. He’ll look great in my office. Tonight I need to do homework and take it easy. It was a fun day! I don’t think I’ll get more gifts till later in the week. Which is fine – I will love using my lunch box though.

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