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Well, it looks like we’re back to taking Mark to the doctor’s. It was the exact same thing a year ago. He had his surgery on September 17 2003. Today we headed to the neuro-surgeon again. I called first thing this morning and begged for an appointment. He is getting worse, and we obviously waited much too long last time. So, we decided we needed to do something now. They said we would have to have xrays before the appointment. I ran and found Mark – we quickly cancelled our classes and made plans for the afternoon classes and drove as quickly as possible to the hospital. Of course they were slower than molasses. Good grief! We were there for an hour and a half. We had a 10:15 xray appointment. We left the hospital with our xrays at 11:45. Needless to say we were mighty late. I felt horrible. There I was begging to get in to see the doc and we show up late. I kept calling and apologizing. I even made the hospital call and explain how ridiculously slow they were. It was ok – no one was mad, and it didn’t throw off his schedule. Now we wait for an MRI. They are scheduling something for us and then they’ll call and let us know what they have open. We will most likely have to miss work again and sit in the hospital. Good times. The doc seems to think it’s something with his C4 or C7 on his spine. He has the weakest spinal cord in the world. It just collapses with a little bit of pressure. So, it looks like that may have happened again. They strengthened C5 and C6 last time – because that’s where it collapsed, but we’ll see what’s going on with this now. He can’t keep having his spinal cord collapsing every time someone touches him. I don’t know what we need to do to keep it from weakening ever time we turn around.

But at least we know we have a great doctor. He’s funny and he makes us laugh. Plus he has great shoes! I’m not much of a male shoe person, but his are outstanding. I’ve never seen the same pair twice. It’s like he walked right out of a magazine with those shoes. So, tonight we’re gonna get stuff done around here and chill out. I think I’ll probably head to bed early. Today stressed me out a little bit.

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