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I have such icky allergies this time of year. I have sinus headaches and my head feels so full and heavy. It didn’t help much that we were sitting out at the football game for about 6 hours. We went to tailgate and then headed in to the game and ended up tailgating some more. So, I am stuffed up. I took something so it’ll kick in before I try sleep.

The football game was good – we won! I really love football weather too. But – this was NOT football weather. It was hot and sunny. We were all hot and sticky before the game. Luckily our seats are in the shade, so it was nice.

We had a really good time in KC last night. We headed up there with no problems. We made good time. We then quickly went to dinner with everyone. Then we got to the theatre early. We actually were about 30 minutes early. We weren’t sure where we were headed, plus there was lots of construction, and we were afraid we would have to deal with detours. We had enough time to practice and run things. We then headed off to wait. But then – a friend of ours from KC showed up! We hadn’t seen him in ten years! We’ve emailed but haven’t seen each other. It was wonderful to see him. Then my mom, brother and SIL walked in! That was great. So, we had lots of visiting to do. The students were so funny. They were kind of amazed and anxious to meet my family. I think they think we don’t have family – we just go to school every day and no life outside of college. They stood there and stared at my family like they were looking at zoo animals. It made me laugh. Well, the sad part of the deal – our total audience count was 11! That’s it! We did a hell of a job though. It was our best show. So we were happy. Then we had a question and answer period afterwards. That was ok – some comments were odd.

We then headed back to drop off the kids at the hotel. We had a lot of things to discuss with them – they had to stay in the hotel, they weren’t supposed to leave and they had to be quiet in their rooms. So, Mark and I headed off to have a late dinner with my family. We had a really good time. When we got back to the hotel the students were totally behaving. They had gone swimming and were sitting in the rooms and watching TV, talking, visiting with people on their cells – just boring stuff. We went to bed around midnight. We got up at 8 and quickly showered. We all loaded into the van by 8:30 and headed home. Come to find out the kids stayed up ALL night! They asked the guy at the front desk if they could have continental breakfast at 4:30. He let them! They could only have cereal and milk, but they were happy. The rest of the night they wandered the halls, sat outside and smoked, watched TV and talked in the hallway. So, they slept the whole way back. It was very quiet.

When we got home we took a quick nap and then started getting ready for the football game. We got there at 5 and our party began. It was a good adventure in KC. The play was a success, and we were happy with the results. I’m not sure if he’ll get the feedback he was expecting, but at least this is good resume material for everyone.

We plan on sleeping in. We have DVDs to watch and yardwork to do. I need to do laundry. And that’s it. So, I hope to curl up and watch movies and nap all day long. I should get some killer knitting done if we really watch all three movies tomorrow. I got a lot done on the trip up to KC. Not much on the way back home. I was tired and kind of zoning out and didn’t feel like knitting.

Monday I need to do some housecleaning. But we plan on shopping. Mark wants to go birthday present shopping for me, and I need to get things for upcoming swaps. I’m pumped about that! I love shopping for other people!!!

Ok, I need to get going. My head is feeling better and I’m starting to fall asleep. I’m gonna grab the kitty and turn in for the night. Mark is engrossed in some movie, so he’s gonna stay up and watch that. Nighty night!

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