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Here is the Friday Forum:

1. What color are most of the clothes in your wardrobe? Is there a particular color that you would never wear? What colors do you think that you look best in (or feel best in)?

I wear lots of black. I suppose since most things go with black, I would probably wear them. I just think I look better in black, which means I feel better.

2. What are your favorite colors, and why? Are you inspired by them? Do you identify with them? Do you like them because of the way that they make you feel? Are there any colors that you totally dislike, and why?

I like black, blues, pinks, purples, greens. I am not drawn to reds, yellows, oranges – but I do like pink and orange together. I like pink and purple because all little girl toys seem to be pink and purple – that makes me happy.

3. What colors are surrounding you right now? What color is the sky at the moment? What color are the walls? What color is your computer’s desktop wallpaper?

My office is dreary off-white that looks dirty. I have no windows anywhere close to me – I have no idea what the sky looks like. My wallpaper is the generic microsoft evening mountain picture.

4. Would you ever try foods that are unusually colored, such as purple mashed potatoes, green ketchup, etc.? Do you prefer your foods to be regular colors?

I will eat anything. The only food in the whole wide world I don’t like is calamari. I will eat it all!

5. What is your hair color? Your eye color? Do most of your family members share these same traits? Would you ever dye your hair or try colored contacts?

According to the box, my hair is medium caramel brown. My eyes are green. My dad has black hair and green eyes. My mom has brown hair and brown eyes. My brother has blonde hair and blue eyes. I DO color my hair – all the time. I mix it up a lot, especially in the summer. I don’t need glasses or contacts, but it would be fun to play with them.

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