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I had a heck of time getting out of bed this morning. In fact, we slept in an extra hour. But now I want to go home early. Hmmmm – wonder if I can swing it? Monday’s are always hard – but next Monday we can sleep in!! Yeah!! But that’s our last vacation till Thanksgiving. I will have to take some mental health days in there somewhere or I’ll go bonkers.

I got tons done this weekend. Made me very happy. I got stuff done around the house, got some homework done, some crafting, watched a DVD. All good things. But the Chiefs lost! Wahhh. That sucks. Next week will be scary too.

I need to go grocery shopping this afternoon. Oh – are you all familiar with the Core plan on Weight Watchers? I’m going back to it, but I’ve always done the Flex plan – I just wanted some feedback on which one worked for you and why. I don’t mind the Flex plan, but I was wondering if the Core plan would be good also – what do you know about it?

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