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Today was a very long and lazy day. It started out all gloomy and dark, which was fine, because we really had no plans. Plus we slept in, so it was perfect sleeping weather. I finished laundry, worked on some homework, did a little cleaning, took a nap, played on the computer, watched some TV, we made dinner, then we settled in to watch the Chiefs!!! I grabbed my knitting and made a pot of tea. Mark is going to head out to the bar later with a friend while I finish watching the game and knitting.

Tomorrow I need to clean the kitchen, clean the kitty box, and change a lightbulb in the kitchen. Then I need to sit down and crank out some homework. Other than that stuff, I’m free to lounge. Which is good, because next weekend – even though it’s a three day weekend – will probably be a little hectic. We’ll see….

Ok, I’m off to knit and chill till I’m sleepy!

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