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I think our afternoon has been kind of messed up. We were going to leave work early and head to Mark’s neuro-surgeon appointment. But the receptionist just called and said that the doc had an emergency and we can’t be fit in till the end of September. URGH. Oh well. But now what about all our afternoon plans? We were gonna leave, go to the appointment, head to a late lunch, do some shopping, go to the bookstore, and then head home. But now – boo-hoo. I don’t know if we’re gonna leave early and just say the heck with it – or just stay here. I have tried to find Mark, but he’s been knee-deep in conversations with students. I’m supposed to meet him at 12:30 to head out, so I’ll meet him then and we’ll figure out what we’re gonna do. I hope we aren’t waiting too long for the doc to check out Markie. He’s having some odd symptoms again. He basically snapped his spinal cord a year ago. He was soooo close to being paralyzed from the waist down it was so frightening. But he’s been doing well. He can walk – he can’t run. But he’s starting to have the muscle tremors and stuff again. I don’t like it. It could just be the nerves re-growing. He’s had that experience before and it’s been ok. But I’m a little paranoid because, believe it or not, it took over a month for anyone to figure out what was wrong with him last time!! All I knew is that he was losing function of his legs, and some of his internal organs weren’t working correctly either. Right before the surgery he could barely walk. He had to lean on me, but his arms weren’t working either. It was horrible! I’m glad it’s over. But these little symptoms are making me wonder… It’ll be ok – everything else is working fine, and I know the symptoms aren’t anything he hasn’t had before. Nerves are mighty strange things. When they re-grow they send mini shock-waves through his body. Odd, but common. I’m hoping that’s what’s happening, I think…

So, I should probably get things done just in case we decide to head out and play hookey anyway. The weather is awesome and it would be nice to get away, but who knows what Mark wants to do. I can do either – especially because if we don’t go away today, we can play hookey at his appointment in September.

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