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I’m so happy it’s the weekend! My day was quite busy today. So it went mighty quickly. Which was great. We started our Friday lunches up again. We always have a late lunch after work. We usually end up going around 2 or so. We always go to the same coffee shop. They know us there. That’s how frequently we go. Then we almost always come home and take a nap. Then we went out for a late dinner tonight and drinks.

Then it’s time for homework. Mine is almost done actually. Good teacher story – We had our first novel due today, and they were kind of struggling throughout the week with it. I would ask everyone how they were doing on it and they would roll their eyes at me. Well, that made me think that many of them weren’t going to have it ready by class today. So, I prepared a little essay quiz for them. Guess what? I can tell they ALL read it! Our discussion was awesome. Everyone participated. Even the quiet kids in the back. It was awesome. There was discussion, debate, and I was even just sitting back and listening to them argue their points to one another. I enjoy lecturing, but I also love facilitating in the classroom while they are doing the active learning. I was really proud of them. I haven’t told them all yet because I wanted to read their essays – which totally rocked by the way. Next week I have to tell them that what they did in class last time was exactly what I would love to happen with every assignment we have. I love it when “learning” is actually happening around me. That’s why I love teaching.

This weekend is for cleaning, laundry, the Chiefs are playing tomorrow night. I want to get some stuff hung in the dining room. I have reading for school to do. I want to watch a DVD so I can get it back to Net/flix and get more. I have emails to catch up on. I have to work on the school’s theatre website. I wouldn’t mind cooking. So, it’s a busy weekend, but nothing too strenuous. So it’s gonna be ok.

The weather is supposed to get all rainy and stuff here late tonight/early tomorrow morning. I’m happy. I would love a rainy weekend day to stay inside and chill with Markie and the kitty. But we’ll see what happens. Today is was like 93 with a heat index of 98. Can we please have some relief! I am sick of sweating every time I go outside. Plus, why do I even bother doing my hair when the humidity is outta control. It just flops anyway – you can’t even tell I curled it. Oh well…

Have a good weekend and sign up for a free iPod! I did!

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