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I really had a nice weekend. I was stressed a little bit that it would be overly hectic – but it wasn’t. Friday night I had a meeting till 7 – then we went out for a nice together afterwards. It was well deserved. Both of us were worn out so we only had coffee with our meal. Getting old…

Saturday was cleaning day – laundry, yardwork, stuff like that. Then that night we had a friend over to watch a movie. He stayed till 12:30 – we were exhausted. So we hit the hay.

Today we did some of our homework then went to a pool party in the afternoon. We stayed a few hours then came home. The rest of the night has been quiet. We are finishing homework and starting to wind down.

Now with the first week behind me I think I can make it! In fact, I’m hoping to cook dinner tomorrow and everything. I will go back into my old routine. I’m glad about that. I really don’t have a hectic week planned, but I am actually looking forward to it. There is some sense of renewal when school starts for me. It happens every semester. Once the first hectic moments are over and I settle in – then I realize that I have an entire semester of learning ahead of me. What could be better? I love it in our house when we’re both working on school stuff. Like now, Mark is working on a lecture and as soon as I’m done here, I need to take notes on one of our next books we’re covering in class. I just like the vibe I get when there is learning going on. Even in my own house. That’s what drew me to teaching. That’s why I always cried on snow days. That’s why I never skipped a day of high school. I just like school, and learning, and books, and life, and knowledge. Thank goodness I found my “special purpose”. (What movie is “special purpose” from?) hee-hee

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