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I truly am feeling more settled. I am getting tons done at work and am able to relax at home and do fun things. I should probably get out and walk, but I’m not in the mood today.

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I like the things that go along with those seasons. I also just feel better during those seasons. They remind me of my youth. For some reason I have more cold season memories than summer ones. Oh sure, I remember the summer vacations and the days by the pool and climbing trees. But my cozy, fuzzy feelings all happen when it was chilly out. The house always smelled yummy during those seasons. My dad’s parents owned a bakery, so my dad is an awesome baker. He always baked something incredible on the weekends. And, both of my parents loved experimenting with new recipes. The holidays were always spent at our house, so our house had that amazing smell that I associate with cold weather.

Plus, once it got cold I can remember getting out the sweaters, the flannel pj’s, and the boots. All of that stuff just make me feel all cozy and warm and loved. It still does. I feel “at home” when I put on a pair of flannel jammies and relax for the night. All those types of clothing make me feel that way today too. We always had a few afghans around the house and I loved cuddling up in one with my mom. I still have afghans on the couches and chairs and love wrapping up in one on a chilly evening.

My parents were big coffee drinkers. So that smell, and the feeling of warm beverages makes me feel all cozy too. They would drink coffee after dinner and my brother and I would drink tea, hot chocolate or hot milk. Holding a big mug in my hands makes me feel so wonderful. I know I drink tea in the summer months, but it’s soooo much better when the wind is blowing. I associate that feeling with the comforts of home.

We weren’t allowed to watch much TV, so there was a lot of reading or drawing, or game playing going on during those months. While we all plopped down after dinner, my mom would always light candles and dim the lights a little. My dad would read, my mom would knit, and my brother and I were playing Crazy 8’s or something. I loved that feeling! I still do. I definitely watch less TV in the winter because I want to curl up with a book or just sit and knit. I love lighting candles and reading by candle light. I miss my childhood sometimes, so I think I try and re-create it in my daily life.

The foods of the cold seasons are the best! I love grilled food and everything, but give my a big ole bowl of homemade soup on a cold night and I’m happy. My mom loved making soups. They were easy and hardy. We would have some yummy soup – vegetable beef, navy bean, chicken and rice, and a yummy chicken stew. There’s just something about sitting down with a bowl of steaming soup, and hunk of crusty bread. It truly warms you up – it makes me feel loved. I love cooking things in the crockpot, or have things simmering on the stove all day. Those meals just make me feel all snuggly.

I do not like ice!!! But I love being inside during a snowstorm. I love how beautiful it looks when it’s clean. I love knowing that each time I look out the window that there’ll be a little more on the ground. The anticipation of the first snowfall is a big event for me. I like wearing my hats and scarves and mittens because it’s cold out and it’s snowy and the wind is blowing.

I love having a warm house to come home to. I love having a hubby and kitty I can snuggle up with in an afghan. I love making dinners for Mark and having long drawn out conversations over food. I love fixing a pot of coffee for after dinner. I love lighting some candles and having both of us working diligently without that darn TV on. I feel better knowing I’m safe in my house with my family and even though it’s cold and windy outside, I have such wonderful things to keep my safe and happy.

The leaves are drying up a little, so I know it’s going to happen soon. Give it a few more weeks and it should be utterly beautiful in the country. We will be munching on apples and digging out the sweatshirts.

So long summer…

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