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I am ready for this weekend, but I know we’ll be busy. School is going fine. I still am having these sensations of being overwhelmed. As we start new semesters I continually feel under-prepared. That’s just my lack of self-esteem talking, huh? So, I over-prepare for things. Now this may not be the most time-saving thing to do, but it sure makes me feel better. But I am doing something I really like. I’m not bringing any work home. I do have to log on a couple times an evening to touch base with my online class, but other than that – the night is for me. I have been reading, crafting, trying to watch a little of the Olympics, I’ve also just been lazy and stared out the window a few times. I have kept up with my cleaning and am enjoying my nights at home.

This afternoon it started to feel like fall! The temp dropped a little – ok, it was only like the mid-80s, but that’s a huge break from what we’ve been having. Then it started raining. It’s been raining off and on all day. It’s all dark and gloomy outside and I love it! It’s hard to believe fall will be here before we know it. I really am ready. I do much better in the cooler months. And by better I mean, better physically, emotionally – everything. Sometimes I think I have Seasonal Depression – but mine only comes in the spring and summer. I have read about it, but it’s not as common as depression in people during the fall and winter months. See, I’ve kept track – each and every time I’ve gone to the Doctor’s office for depression problems – or every time I’ve had major depression and missed work and stayed home crying has been during the months of April, May or June. I have NEVER had depression problems during the fall or winter. I have never been to the Doctor’s for a med adjustment during the cooler months. So, I really feel I have Seasonal Depression that increases during the spring and summer. I know it’s not common, but all signs point that way.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do tonight. I may just read. I am going to bed early though. I finally slept last night! I had to take a sleeping pill to do it though. I hadn’t slept in almost a week and it was stressing me – so I gave in and took a pill and slept wonderfully! So, tonight I’m actually sleepy – hopefully it got me on track. I don’t like taking too many meds. But once in a great while I take a sleeping pill to relax me and allow me to sleep. That crazy mind of mine is always moving and racing.

We really don’t have tons planned for the weekend. Tomorrow I have our annual Honors Program get-together. It’s me and all the honors program students. We have a facilitaor come and do some team-building stuff with us. We will be there till 7. Then I finally get to come home and start my weekend. I do love the stuff we do though. It’s all stuff that really bonds us. We get to know each other much better – and that’s a huge plus. Saturday will be my cleaning day I guess. Then on Sunday we have to go to a pool party – but it’s for students. Our honors program students are invited to the house of an alum to swim and have a cookout. This helps let everyone know each other too. So, we will go and spend an hour or so with then we’ll sneak out. and let them have fun. So those are our plans. I need to paint my toenails too. Plus, I would really like to watch a DVD on Saturday – we should be getting some movies from Netflix soon. Probably tomorrow or Saturday. That would be a good Saturday project. Sit around and watch movies. Ahhhh – the weekend. I can’t wait!!!

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