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I was busy again today. I also had some drama at work. Just the usual – lack of communication on the part of the administration – then we have no idea what’s going on. You know, the usual. It’s frustrating though. I just wish people would tell us stuff.

It’s funny but most of the magazines that I’ve been getting in the mail are all talking about Fall. Now I know it’s coming up – but right now it’s still freakin’ hot all the time. I can’t wait till the cool weather arrives though. Fall has always been my favorite season.

I could do some homework tonight, but I don’t know. I may craft a little – I’ve been way behind on that.

Oh – I’ve also been sleeping like crap lately. I was up till 3 last night. I can’t get my mind to settle down for some reason. It just keeps racing and racing. I count sheep, I meditate, but no matter what I do I can’t keep my focus on anything. It’s kind of freaky for me actually. I usually can totally focus on something. But lately I’ve had a hard time with it. It kind of worries me. I’m sure it’s just the stress and stuff from the new semester, but I don’t know…

Ok, off to do something – I don’t know what yet though…

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