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It has been raining for hours here.  I like it though.  Rain, not thunderstorms, make me feel at peace.  I do think rainy days are also good sleeping days. Which I did not get a chance to do today.  I like to watch the rain.  I remember being little and standing on the front porch with my dad watching the rain. I still watch it.  It’s calming and relaxing.  It focuses me a little bit.  Does that make any sense?  I think it’s the introvert in me.  It makes me want to curl up.  Interesting how weather can affect our moods.
Last night on TV I watched a show about body modification – which I am totally fascinated with.  I should’ve been born 15 years later – I’d be so pierced and tattooed and cut you wouldn’t even recognize me.  I would like to try scarification sometime. I doubt I will though.  I went to bed thinking of a cute design I could have and one that didn’t involve massive amounts of skin.  I am getting another tattoo next week. I am also getting the urge to pierce again.  I really can’t get any more facial tattoos – the nose is enough for my job.  I will probably get an ear one.  Not a normal one though. Probably a transverse lobe piercing.  It’s the one that is in your ear lobe, but sideways, like underneath a normal ear piercing. I think they’re simple looking.  Plus, the ear lobe is a hell of a lot easier than the cartlidge.

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