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Mark’s box office money got stolen at the college last night. It was about 4,000 dollars.  The details aren’t important, but the act of stealing is.
There were only a limited number of people who had access. Actually, about 15 people.  All these people are co-workers, and people we thought of as friends.  All of them. But our hearts broke today.  Everyone who would’ve had access to the money knows how much Mark has been busting his butt for this production. He had a budget of about 2,000 dollars to begin with and the final costs will be about 10,000 dollars or more.  Now do the math. He had been fundraising like hell, promoting the crap out of the show, and doing everything possible to raise money.  Yes, we’ll get it all back due to insurance.  But the person that took it would know how much Mark has stressed about the cost of the show.  I’m sure they’ve heard him lament about it a zillion times.  That’s what hurts most.  I’m sure the person who took it just thought they were “sticking” it to the college. But it affects us.  Mark was sad today – I had to cry a little bit.  Who can you trust?  Why do people do shit like that?
I have stolen. Gum in 8th grade from a drug store (on a dare).  in college I would steal library books because I forgot my id. At jobs I’ve taken pens and post-its for home.  But that’s it. I know it probably affects people in the same way, but isn’t 4,000 different than a library book?  Good God!.  I don’t understand it.  I have been thinking about it all day.  It’s confusing to me. 
You really have to be ultra careful whom you trust. I wish life wasn’t that way. Why can’t it be different?  Sometimes it seems like there’s only a handful of people on the planet that want a change, and everybody else doesn’t care.  I would love a world of kindness and peace.  No fear.  Just lots of love and respect for people.  Will things only get worse on this planet? How bad will things get?  Can we change it?  Are people wasting energy that even try to change it? The whole idea of humans hurting other humans hurts so badly.  This little crime has made me think so much – especially because someone we know did this to Mark. That’s the part that hurts the most. 
Our spirits have been very down today because of it.  It’s not the money, it’s the act of stealing. So sad. But I think I’ll have some tea and read.  This way I can forget about it and pray for a world without crime and hatred and disrespect.

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