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Here is my Friday Forum:
1] Would you go up into space if you had the chance? Why/why not? Would you ever want to be an astronaut?
I would go into space. Even though there are risks, I would do it in a heartbeat. Be an astronaut? Well…maybe. I don’t know – I really like my job right now. I would want my summers off if I was an astronaut. 🙂

2] If you had your own spaceship, what would you name it and why? What would it be like?
Oh good golly, I don’t have a clue. Something with my name on it of course. Well, since it’s MY spaceship I would probably have it just like my house – but with all the features in the Jetson’s house.

3] Do you believe in UFOs, aliens, extraterrestrial beings, and so on? Why/why not?
I believe there is life out there somewhere – though I don’t think it’s like us at all, I’m talking like single-celled organisms.

4] If you could create a constellation in the nighttime sky, what would it be? What would you call it?
It would be the BRIGHTEST thing year round. It would be rather huge – in the shape of a crown. And it would be called Princess.

5] Are you a “Star Wars” and/or “Star Trek” fan? What other shows/movies relating to space, if any, do you enjoy?
I can do without both of them. Space shows – oh some of the popular movies that have dealt with it, but not too many.

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