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I had a pretty good day.  I actually got some stuff done at the office – unlike yesterday.  So that was good, but I still have things I need to do tonight.  Homework,  homework, homework.
The summer is almost over, and I’m starting to get a little sad about things.  Isn’t that awful?  I remember being young and the summer lasting forever. I was always thinking I would forget the names of my classmates because it had been such a long time since we’d seen each other.  Now, of course, as we get older, time moves differently. I don’t think that’s such a good thing.  I wonder why that happens?  Like, when Christmas would come around I could barely remember the year before, it seemed like eons ago.  Now, I totally remember every detail about last Christmas and can’t believe that I’ve actually started Christmas shopping.  There is some sadness in having time move so quickly.  I know that we kind of control that though.  Our lives are so busy.  When we were little, all we had to do is climb trees and play baseball with the neighborhood kids.  Now, our schedules are busy from morning to night – no matter what season it is. 
I remember my mom saying that the summer would go by so fast and I couldn’t understand what she meant by that.  Now I do.  unfortunately.  It really is a sad thing.  But, I guess that’s part of life.  I would love to lounge around all day by the beach or something for months on end.  But then there’s this part of me that wants to watch movies, go shopping, visit friends, get some yardwork done.  The two worlds don’t mix.  I suppose we could take it day by day.  Make one day a lazy day, and make the other a normal busy day.
I just read an article in the recent issue of “Time” magazine about Sunday.  How it used to be a day of total rest and relaxation – everything was closed and you weren’t even supposed to do anything.  Do I agree with that?  Yes and no.  Having a day with nothing to do is pure bliss.  But, when would get stuff done?  I’m busy with work during the week, and sometimes just having Saturday to run errands doesn’t cut it.  Times have changed. There’s just more to do. 
I feel this connection with the early prairie days for some reason. Now I know the work was hard and strenuous, but there were some positives.   Wouldn’t it be good to sit by the fire every night and sing songs and knit? Or to be outside all the time and not stuck in an office without windows (good thing I’m not claustrophobic).  They say that if you have a particular love of a certain time in history – there’s a chance that you actually were around during that time. I believe that.  I know the times of history that I am drawn to are most likely times I was around before this life. 
 But “time” is an issue in all those eras.  Time is relaxing and not so speedy.  Before coming to  Blogger tonight the computer was being slightly slow and I huffed and puffed and rolled by eyes at the screen. Seriously, it was only about a 15 second wait.  What is happening to us?  Can we control it?  How much is in our hands?  How much worse can it get?  I’m thankful I have my summers off of work.  It gives me time to re-group.  I need that.  Otherwise I turn into some cave-dwelling manic crazy person. 
 But the sense of peace I find during many summer days needs to carry me through the school year.  It doesn’t always. I try and think about the summer days, but schedules and commitments get in the way.  I need to become more aware of “time” and its effect on me and others.  More peace.  It can’t hurt anyone.

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