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span style=”font-family:lucida grande;color:#993399;”>Ok, I’m blogging again.  I had some thoughts – basically soap operas,chocolate, homework and the Schwan man. Allow me to expand.
I have watched General Hospital since I was in 8th grade.  The reason I started watching it was because my friend  – Stephanie – her mom watched it. So, one day at my house, during the summer Stephanie wanted to watch it.  I didn’t want to really, but I figured, what else is there to do? She told me who everyone was, what their storyline was, who was related to whom – everything.  She said we needed to watch the next day so we knew what was going on.  Well, that’s how habits form.  That whole summer we watched GH while drinking Shasta and eating sunflower seeds.  When school started I would get home in time to see the last 10 to 15 minutes of the show – which still kept me up-to-date on stuff.  Well, I’ve been hooked ever since.  I do not tape it – though there was a time in my life during college when I did. But I used to set my college classes around GH, and each and every frickin’ day my roommate and I would watch GH religiously.  She watched it before I met her, so that was awesome. In grad school I still watched it and I met someone who had been watching it longer than I had. Mark!  Unbelievable!  His mom was a big fan and Markie watched it with her all the time. So he knew things from WAY back when.   During the summers I fall right back in the habit of watching, of course, all my vacations – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break.  If I get home in time I’ll turn it on and catch up.  I feel this odd loyalty to it though.  Like I don’t think I could stop watching it. All those characters have been in my life for years now.  I think I’d feel guilty if I stopped.  But I can’t wait to see what happens next.  I can’t stand Sam by the way.  I wish Sonny would just stay with Carly and forget everyone else.
Chocolate – when I was little I only liked fruity candy.  It wasn’t till high school that the chocolate cravings hit me.  I prefer chocolate flavored stuff over anything else.  I sometimes NEED it.  When I have it, then I feel better.  I guess I’m addicted to chocolate AND soap operas.  We usually have some form of chocolate in the house. Mark’s not a big candy eater or anything, so it’s mostly for me.  I swear, I think my cravings for chocolate are chemical or hormone induced because it’s a necessity.  Water, air, chocolate – guess that’s about all I need – oh, and General Hospital!
Homework – I call my teacher prep work “homework”.  When I did homework in high school I did it on the floor at the end of my bed.  My grandma made this big ole pillow with a blue and white crocheted cover, and I leaned up against the footboard with that pillow.  Sometimes I would lie down, but mostly I just sat up cross legged.  When I went to college I did homework on my bed.  I know I had a desk, but no one did their homework at their desk.  That wasn’t cool.  At my desk I put on make-up and did my hair – important things. One must impress the frat boys afterall.  (Unfortunately that’s the motto for my college years)  So I would pile stuff on my bed and do homework.  If I was tired, I’d just lie down – on top of books, papers, pens, whatever.  Then I could sit back up and do homework when I was awake.  In grad school I did homework on my couch.  I had a really, really big apartment for a college kid for some reason.  The bedroom was way far away from everything, so the living room seemed the perfect place.  Once in awhile I would sit on the floor and use the coffee table to write upon.  But mostly it was the couch.  Now I am the teacher. I feel best doing my homework on the bed or couch.  It’s usually the couch during the evenings and weekends, but late night studies require the bed.  I don’t sleep on my books anymore though.  But last night I was sprawled on my bed with papers all around, books opened up, pens and highlighters strewn about – and I had a college flashback.  I think that’s why the bed seems like a natural homework place for me.  I like to lug my laptop in there too and work from the bed.  Is there a problem there?  I just re-read this and I’m wondering if I have some strange sexual issues to deal with – what would Freud say? Nevermind, I don’t think I want to know after all.
The Schwan man – Schwan’s is a company that sells frozen groceries.  They come every two weeks and you tell them what you want and they get it off their truck.  They started selling ice cream, so they’re really known for that. Well, my guy is named Bobby.  I think I have a love/hate relationship with him.  Most of the time he’s totally fine, but if I place a small order or no order at all – he gets all grumpy and pulls a little attitude with me.  He pulled it on Mark once and Mark just shot some attitude right back at him.  But, most of the time he’s funny, nice and really cool.  I thought about him because he will come today – don’t worry, I’m ordering food so he shouldn’t get all bitchy.  We have a saying in our house everytime we mention Schwans “Don’t piss off Bobby!”  It’s like this warning of impending danger ahead.  One day all the Schwan men of the world may rise up and demand large orders from all their customers.  “What? No ice cream this week?  That’s bullshit!  You’ll have ice cream and like it!”  I’m scaring myself.
Well, that seems like enough for right now, I’m sure I could keep writing, but I think the bathrooms are calling.   Yes, I can clearly hear the sink in Mark’s bathroom saying, “For the love of God woman, come clean me!  I have whiskers and toothpaste all over me!”  Ok, ok, I’ll be there, keep your pants on.  In our house, the sinks wear pants.

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