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I went to work today and *tried* to get stuff done, but some former students were on campus and stopped in for about 40 minutes.  Then an employee stopped by for about 15 minutes. So, there I was with an hour lost.  I will need to go in tomorrow again to get a few things together.   I did take time to go to the campus library and get some stuff for fall.  I need to start working on that stuff asap. 
Mark is at school all day today.  They are rigging the theatre for flying.  Then they have their first flying rehearsal.  I wish I could fly – but the weight limit is 100 pounds.  Hmmmm – I think I’m over that limit, so no flying for me.  I’ll have to watch vicariously. 
I have no idea what to have for dinner tonight since Mark will be gone.  I have some ideas, but we’ll see…  I am feeling kind of lazy actually.

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