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I got very little sleep last night.  I was feeling fine till my head hit the pillow around 11:30.  Then – my neck suddenly tightened up on the right side.  It’s like my right shoulder and right ear were practically glued together.  I could NOT find a position in which to get comfy.  I would doze off for a little bit here and there, but I would wake up the minute I tried to move.  I’ve never had such a painful stiff neck before.  So, this whole ordeal stresses me out.  I can’t figure out why I am like this.  Well, we all know what happens to Bethanie when she’s stressed – she breaks out in hives! 
So, at 2:30 I get up to take a pain reliever because I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I decided to wander out and watch TV till it kicked in. So, there I am, wandering through my dark house with hives forming on my body, my right ear and right shoulder are stuck together, I look like hell because I haven’t slept, and I stink! Why do I stink?  Well, while I was in KC visiting my mom I bought this novelty pillow thing that’s stuffed with these awesome squishy micro-bead things.  It’s so soft and scrunchy – I fell in love with it right then and there.  I bought it.  Well, that morning, Mark said that he thought I was stinky?!  I had showered – my clothes were clean – what was up?  It was kind of a chemical smell – like dry cleaning stuff. Well, during my attempt at sleep earlier I rolled right into the middle of my new squishy pillow. Voila – my pillow was the culprit! So, that’s why I was stinky at 2:30 am.
I decide to watch TV – we all know there’s nothing on at 2:30, so I watch music videos.  I see some good stuff – like Modest Mouse, Train, and Jet.  Then I see some horrible stuff – like Maroon 5, Brittney, and Usher (Though I do have to admit the Usher video made me laugh.  Throughout the course of the song he proceeds to remove articles of clothing.  Now, the boy is cut and mighty fine to look at, but when in the world do people randomly sing and remove clothing?? I mean, come on!) I watch videos for about an hour (and yes, for those of you playing the home game – that means it’s 3:30.)
I can finally turn my head some and move my shoulder a little bit.  I decide to head back to bed because I’m pretty sure I can find a good position now. So, I turn out the lights and pad back to my snoring husband, my purring kitty, and my stinky pillow.

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