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Here is today’s Friday Forum:

1] Describe your ultimate favorite pizza. What type of crust? Which toppings? What kind[s] of cheese? Stuffed crust or not?
Great question. I’m thinking of going out for pizza for dinner tonight now!  Ok, I love very thin crust, not much sauce, lots of REAL mozzarella, lots of spicy pepperoni.  Then when it comes out of the oven I want to top it with cold anchovies.  That is the best!

2] Which beverage do you prefer to drink along with your pizza?
Pop usually fills me up so much and can make my stomach upset when I’m eating.  I actually prefer water.

3] Where’s the best pizza place ever, in your opinion?
I’m not sure what it was called. When I was in Chicago once, we stopped at some “hole-in-the-wall” pizza place and it was awesome!

4] How do you eat your pizza? With a fork, with your hand, folded in half, or some other way?
I usually start off with a fork till it cools down then I eat it with my hand.

5] Which toppings would you absolutely NEVER want on your pizza? What’s the strangest kind of pizza that you’ve encountered?
To me, chicken and pizza just don’t mix.  I can understand other combinations, but that one confuses me.

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