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Mark and I went to see I, Robot today.  It was ok.  I would probably tell people to wait for the DVD.  I really like Will Smith, but this wasn’t the best.  He does have his shirt off a lot and my God!!!  That boy is cut!!! 
I will finish packing tonight and hit the road around 7am.  I should be in Kansas City around 10:30ish.  I return Wednesday afternoon. I will probably have to audioblog during my time away.  My mom’s PC is antiquated and SLOW!  Plus it freezes up all the time and boots her off.  The last thing I wanna do it be in the middle of the post and get booted.  That always pisses me off.  So,  I will keep in touch via the phone. 

Well, I’m back from vacation and I said I’d audioblog while I was away and I didn’t. Why, you might ask – because my mother had us on a strict schedule with no down-time whatsoever.  Here, check it out:

Sunday – I arrived at 9:30 in the morning – I know, I left at the crack of dawn, literally.  We sad and visited that day.  I could have blogged then, but there was nothing going on.  We had lunch at her house and headed to my brother’s and his wife’s house around 4:00.  They had pictures to share from their recent trip to England, and gifts to pass around.  Mom had pictures to share of her trip to Arizona.  We also celebrated my brother’s and SIL first wedding anniversary – champagne and photos.  We then headed out to eat at Bravo’s- around 7:30.  We had drinks on the terrace first for about 30 minutes. Then had a nice leisurely meal and coffee.  Around 9 we walked around and looked in the store windows and headed back home.  I was in bed by 10 because I was up at 5 that day.

Monday – up at 8 – out of the house by 9:30.  First we went to Gordman’s and bought some stuff for Mom’s kitchen.  Then we went to Claire’s had Chipotle for lunch.  Went to Kirklands, Kohl’s, Linen’s and Things, Bed Bath and Beyond, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Pier One, another Hobby Lobby.  Then we went to see “The Notebook” – I wasn’t sure I would like it, but I  bawled my eyes out.  We had dinner at Quiznos.  Then headed home to hang up the stuff we bought at the stores that day.  I hit the hay around 10 that night too – I was exhausted!

Tuesday – up at 8.  Back to Hobby Lobby.  Then we went to a nearby town that’s set up so cute!  It has lots of different crafty shops and antique stores. We toured all those till noon.  We had lunch at the Main Street Tea Room.  I’ll post pictures and stuff when I get motivated.   That afternoon we went back to Michael’s, Steinmart, another Bed Bath and Beyond, DSW, Barnes and Noble, back to Steinmart, back to Hobby Lobby then stopped for a malt at A&W.  The rest of the afternoon we put things together around the house and organized all our shopping.  Dinner was at El Cerro Grande’s – service was kind of slow so we were there awhile. At home we changed into our jammies then we played with my tarot cards.  Again, we were in bed by 10. 

Wednesday – up at 8. Hit the road at 9.  Arrived at noon.  Unpacked, took a much needed nap and waited for Markie to come home.

So, I think you can see why I didn’t audioblog.  We were a shopping machine!  I am sick of shopping right now. I don’t want to go again for along time. I did get good stuff for my dining room, but it’s still in packages on the table.  Not in the mood to even look at it.  I feel like I need a vacation from my little vacation.

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