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Here are my Friday Forum answers for this week:

1] Do you prefer to wear name-brand clothing, or does it matter? Which clothing labels were popular when you were growing up, and did you feel like you *had* to wear them in order to fit in?

The whole name brand thing doesn’t affect me anymore.  In fact, I’m more turned off by name brands now than I was when I was in high school.  In high school it was imperative to have jeans like Jordache, Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt.  And to wear these big sweaters from Forenza. The shoes had to be top-notch penny-loafers or top-siders.  Life is different in high school.  You are absolutely judged on appearances.  I’m glad I’m out of that era,
2] Which brand of toilet paper do you prefer? [And, the big question: Do you prefer your TP to come over or under the roll?
Honestly, whatever I have a coupon for – it’s usually Charmain, Cottonelle, or Angel Soft.  I don’t care if it’s over or under.  I know a lot of people do, but I don’t even think about it.

3] What name-brand products have you used so far today?
Goodness, ok, let me go through my shower routine.  Shampoo – Suave, Conditioner – Pantene,  Body Wash – Suave.  Face cleanser – Cetaphil.  Face lotion – Ponds.  Deodorant – Secret.  Lotion – Bath and Body.  Gel – Aussie.  Hair Spray – White Rain.  Toothpaste – Crest.  Mouthwash – Listerine. 

4] Do you usually buy generic/store-brand soft drinks, or do you prefer to stick with big names like Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, etc.?
With pop we only buy Coke.  But I don’t drink it – Mark likes it.

5] Do you have a favorite brand of laundry detergent? Fabric softener? Dryer sheets? Bleach? Stain stick?
For all my laundry needs I use the store brand or off-brand or the dollar store brand.  Makes no difference to me.
I am enjoying playing with the new Blogger stuff.  Well, today was our little daytrip – guess what?  We slept in instead.  HA! The alarm went off and we looked at each other and went right back to bed.  We are so spoiled.  So, all we have to do today is go out for dinner and watch the play tonight.  Other than that, it’s relaxing around here. 


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