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Ok, I have a link to my dining room – finally. It’s in my Yahoo photos.  Click on the Gallery button on the my sidebar.  It’s got a picture of a camera on it.  They’re basically for my mom, but you guys can look too.  I don’t know how much it’ll make sense for you though.
I slept like crap last night!  I was up the whole darn night.  Darn period!!!  So, I took a two hour nap this afternoon. I needed it! 
I’m doing better and back among the living, but I am tired.  I’ll be hittin’ the hay soon tonight. Tomorrow Mark and I have plans for a little day trip and then we’re going out to dinner and going to see a production of Peter Pan.  This theatre about 45 minutes away from us is doing it too, so we want to go and check it out.  Mark is probably Peter Panned out by now.  Then Saturday we want to see I, Robot
Then I leave Sunday morning to visit my mommy.  I will miss Markie and the kitty so much!  I have two books on CD to listen to while I drive.  It’s a 3 1/2 hour trip. I’ll take it slow and stop a lot and check in with Mark.  Half the journey is country roads and the other half is highway.  They both have their pros and cons. 
We need to wake up early tomorrow, so I better get my book and get some reading in before it’s beddy bye time.

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