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have the most patient husband in the whole world!!! I went to bed before Mark did, and I just couldn’t sleep – I was starting to think that I didn’t want my dining room blue afterall. I got out of bed and stood in the dining room, then returned to my room. I got up again, then went back to bed. I finally knew I had to tell him. I was a little stressed about it. I mean, he’s been working so hard. So, I told him. His look was priceless. It was a mixture of confusion, disbelief, and humor. He took a deep breath, and said he’d do it. Wow! I’m lucky!

So, we got up today, I was all excited to have my room painted again. We went to out to breakfast and then went to another furniture store before picking up our buffet from yesterday. That store had nothing. We went to the store from yesterday and loaded up the buffet. While that was happening, I noticed a dining room I hadn’t seen yesterday. We checked it out, measured it, and talked it over. We’ll take it! So, I paid for it and told them we’d return shortly. However – on the way home to unload, Mark started talking about how very different the woods were. Plus, where was I going to find matching chairs? And why didn’t I want that one table that matched the buffet pretty well? I got really quiet – and stressed. Ok – maybe I hadn’t quite thought of all that. I was just pumped to finally see a table that we liked.

Let me stop here and give you a history of my decorating experience. It’s always very easy for me, and I ALWAYS “see” it before I do it. I’ve done our whole house, and my Mom’s. I guess I have a knack for color and coordinating. A few years ago when I was doing Mark’s bathroom – I had this same kind of experience. I kept changing my mind and felt completely unsure. But hey, this is only the second time, so I look at it like a kind of decorator’s block.

We quickly unloaded the buffet and I was totally stressed. I was going to have to go to the counter and explain to them that I had changed my mind and even though I had paid, I was going to have to buy another table. So, we go in the back door and guess what? I see this OTHER table and chairs that I think I like even more. Mark is rolling his eyes at this time. On our way to the counter, the “All Sales Final” was glaring at me. I went up there and decided to do the “I’m just a stupid little new home owner and I have no idea how to decorate” attitude. It worked! I even threw in a sentence about how I was almost in tears over the whole thing. ha-ha We paid the difference and went on our merry way.

Then we had to go buy paint – again. I picked out what I wanted, and Mark kept asking me if I was “sure” because he didn’t want to paint the room a third time. I was sure. So we bought it and I came home and re-fabriced the cushions of the chairs and cleaned them up while Mark started taping the dining room.

He has to meet with someone for work tonight, so I’m going to do laundry and clean the furniture and touch up any marks on the pieces. Plus, I also have to sew some cushions for the play for Mark. I’ll get that stuff done and then when he comes home tonight – he wants to start painting – again. He really is patient. How many guys would re-paint the entire room the very next day? Not many… Mark just keeps smiling and says, “I’m here to make you happy…”


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