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Ok, first things first. We did tons of stuff today even though we slept in. We went furniture shopping. Lo and behold we found a buffet at the second place we went. We bought it. But, we weren’t in the Jeep, so we will pick it up tomorrow.

Then I had to go get my very first mammogram. It wasn’t bad. I guess I’m at the age where I need a baseline mammogram. So, I got it. No biggie. I was a little stressed at first, but then I realized it wasn’t a big deal. I made the technician lady crack up the whole time. Especially with my piercing. She was a bit surprised at first – guess I don’t look like the typical nipple pierced college professor. lol

Then we went and checked out a few more places for furniture – no luck the second time out. Then we had lunch. For being such a late lunch for us, I really wasn’t overly hungry. When we got home we chilled for awhile. I did some stuff around the house till dinner. We went and got pizza – mmmm.

Then it was time to work on the dining room. I worked on finishing the valance, and Mark worked on hanging the blinds. That was a bitch! He worked for a few hours. Many curse words were strewn. But finally – success. Then we hung the valance. I took pictures, but they look a little odd to me. Ignore the treadmill (we do)

Then this is a close up of the windows: I still need some stuff on the side of the windows, but I have no idea what I’m going to do:

Better late than never for the Friday Forum:

1] Which time of day do you prefer: 9 a.m. or 9 p.m.? Why?
I think 9pm. If I had my way I’d always be sleeping at 9am

2] Tell us about your ninth-grade year. What was your school like? Did you participate in any school activities? What were your career goals? Who were your good friends?
Uhm – not real good. In 8th grade I was at a very small Catholic school – like 30 something in my class. Then I went to a majorly large high school – my class was like 600 and something. I knew no one. I have always been horrible at making friends. I had never had a locker, so I had no idea how to work one. I had never had a school cafeteria, so for the first couple weeks, I didn’t eat lunch because I didn’t know how to “work” the cafeteria, plus I would’ve had to have sit alone. I was so alone and quiet for such a long time – it really was horrible for me. I barely participated in anything. I hung around the theatre, but it took me a couple of years to get involved in the theatre program. That’s it – no other groups or organizations. Career goals – I thought I’d be a famous actress. My good friend was Lisa and the guy I dated – Chris. Actually, high school was not a fun time for me – this question stressed me out.

3] What will you most likely be doing on the 9th of next month [August]?
I will be sad, because it’s my last day of freedom before In-service starts.

4] Name nine things that you hope to accomplish or would like to do before the end of your life.
This was such a good question – I stayed up last night thinking about it.
1 – get published
2 – see an ocean
3 – become a runner
4 – become a vegetarian and STAY one
5 – become a better and more confident cook
6 – fly in first-class
7 – win a big sum of money – not too much – like half a million maximum
8 – go to NYC
9 – learn more about wines

5] If you could go back to age nine and live your life over again, knowing everything that you know now, would you want to? Why/why not?
Probably not. I like where I am now. I’m afraid thing would be different because I wouldn’t make the same silly mistakes.

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