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My, my, my. It’s been busy around here. Ok, let’s see… Mark repainted the dining room for me in a dark taupe color. Much better! The furniture is in place. The stuff is where it should be. One wall is totally empty – I don’t know what should go there yet. And this one corner looks kind of naked, so I’ll have to work on that. Also, the light fixture needs to be put up. Other than that stuff – we’re done! I will post pictures – I am super busy though right now.

Today I was in interviews all day again. This is it though, it’s the last day. Then I came home and cleaned the kitchen and the bathrooms. Then the power went out for some reason. All over the block. So when it came on I had to run around and reset all the clocks.

I am enrolled in an online class – about how to teach online classes. It begins today. I tried all morning while I was at work to log on, but it says my password and stuff don’t match. So, I emailed the help line and they kept telling me to keep trying. When I got home I tried again on my home PC – same crap. So, I emailed again and still haven’t heard back from them 2 hours later. They do have a hotline phone number, and I guess I’ll have to do that because I have got to get going on this. They mailed my textbook to me and everything. So, I will be a student for the next 6 weeks.

Tonight I need to work on this lamp we have – I need to paint it or something so it goes in the dining room. I need to do something to this mirror we have too. I need to paint my toenails. And I need to eat some ice cream. I have my priorities in line, don’t I?

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