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b>1] Have you ever seen or met a world leader [or a high-ranking government official] in person? When and where? What was the experience like?
Yes! Mark and I got to see Bill Clinton while he was running for pres! We love him! He was running in some race in Kansas City to raise money for something. So, Mark and I got up at the crack of dawn and got right behind the ropes. We waited for hours. Finally he pulled up and when he came over to the crowd Mark got to shake his hand and get an autograph! I was taking pictures the whole time so I didn’t get to touch him. I have pictures of him shaking Mark’s hand, and of him signing our autograph. We were on cloud nine. We got the pictures developed at a one hour place and proceeded to run around town and show everyone. It was awesome!

2] Have you ever had the desire to run for a public/political office? Why/why not?
Absolutely NOT! I love politics – I enjoy reading about it and watching it on TV. But I guess it’s like football – I love watching it, but I do NOT want to play it.

3] Who do you feel has been the most memorable world leader so far? Why?
I think JFK or Martin Luther King Jr. Our nation was in such a chaotic state – both of those deaths were shocking to us. Even though I wasn’t around – I find it appalling today. They both are my personal heroes.

4] What, if anything, would you most like to improve about your country?
Sometimes I get frustrated that we think of ourselves as the world police or something. We have so many problems in our own backyard that seem to get ignored. I am appreciative of the young men and women fighting right now, but wouldn’t all that money be better used for illiteracy programs here, educational programs, job training, drug abuse prevention – stuff like that? I get so frustrated at the amount of money we spend doing other things and we barely have money for things over here that we need. Why is that? I just don’t understand that logic.

5] What are your thoughts about the recent passing of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan?
I think it’s very sad. HOWEVER — I do not think it’s right to have an official day of mourning. We have never had one for a pres before, so why are we starting now? Will we have one when Bill Clinton dies? I bet not. To me, that seems wrong. Either do it for all, or for none. Nixon didn’t get a day of mourning. Now, I know those are different circumstances – but he was still an ex-president just like Ronnie. I am also amazed at the amount of coverage the media has given this. I think he was a great man, but not so great a pres (This is my extremely liberal side speaking now). There are many things the man did/didn’t do that we’re still paying for now. Arms to Iraq perhaps??? He was estranged from his first wife (by his choice) and barely spoke to his children – especially his gay son. Now, is that something to be admired? We seem to be forgetting that a family man he was not – he loved Nancy, but who else? I just don’t get it, and we will NOT be watching any of the events today at the Frank house. I think it’s gone a little too far. The man’s been dead for a week – just bury him and get it over with – isn’t he stinking by now?

That’s my Friday Forum for today.

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