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We went to see The Stepford Wives this afternoon. It was just ok – nothing great. But the whole idea is something that I entertain once in awhile. Not that I want to live in the 50’s or give up my independence – but just hear me out. Because I don’t work during the summer I end up thinking about this a lot actually.

What if it was like the 50’s again? But with all the modern conveniences. I would stay at home and have so much more time to clean, and I’d gladly have supper on the table every night. Right now – when I’m working during the year – I’m coming home and thinking of all the things that need to happen that night – vacuum, pay bills, make dinner, change the litter box, etc…. When I’m at home during the summers I get everything done – my house is the cleanest during the summer. Everything is caught up. I LOVE cooking dinner for Mark – or even with him if he gets home early enough. It makes me happy to surprise him with whatever I’m cooking that night. We actually have time during the summer to sit down together and eat. We have long dinners. We eat, make some coffee, hang out and visit for a couple of hours. During the regular work day – I have no time for that. I’m looking for quick dinners, or thinking about running out and eating and then getting home to start cleaning and stuff. Not that I want to wear dresses all day and “obey” my husband, but that kind of Stepford life does have something going for it.

Since I’m always cooking new recipes during the summer, I love going to the grocery store to get my ingredients and picking out fresh veggies and stuff. I can take my time. I like running errands very leisurely. During work – I’m doing stuff on my lunch hour and trying to stuff food in my mouth at the same time. Things sure were different back then. I don’t think I’d mind it very much if that indeed was my life. I would clean, cook, craft, read, write, everything I do during the summer anyway. Less stress!!! I still feel like someone, I don’t mind staying at home. I get tons of stuff done! I have no problem with doing all the cleaning (I do it all anyway) and all the cooking. If I wasn’t working, I would gladly do all that.

Just a thought…

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