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Which is better …

1] Iced tea, iced coffee, or ice water?
Iced tea – duh!

2] A beach house, a mountain cabin, or a quaint bed and breakfast?
Oddly enough, I’d say a mountain cabin. But it has to have running water and electricity! I would want that because it would be beautiful and even though I figure we’d be away from civilization – there would be so much to do. I’d play nature girl and have so much fun. I’d also write and read – what a perfect setting!

3] Relaxing on the porch, relaxing in a hammock, or relaxing by a pool?
Porch! Our porch – our screened in porch! It’s the best – secluded and beautiful!

4] Lemonade, lemon meringue pie, or lemon poundcake with berries?
Lemon pound cake with berries baby! There’s this one coffee shop we go to all the time and they have this awesome lemon pound cake I get when they happen to have it – I must get a slice.

5] A Wendy’s Frosty, a McDonalds hot fudge sundae, or a Dairy Queen Blizzard?
I guess a Frosty, though I never get any of the above for some reason.

6] Sandals, flip flops, or bare feet?
Bare feet. I kick off my shoes all the time. Even at work. I hate wearing shoes!

7] Concerts in the park, Shakespeare in the park, or just strolling through the park?
Shakespeare!!! I don’t care which show it is, but I do care which translation they’re using. Mark and I could probably recite along with them.

8] A two-week vacation, vacation days here and there, or weekend getaways?
Probably weekend getaways. I mean, we’re lucky enough to be able to have all of the above, but if it was only one or the other – I’d pick weekends.

9] Camping, hiking, or boating?
Boating. I hate camping!!!! Not much into hiking. I get scared – can you say “city girl”

10] Picnics under the stars, picnics by a lake, or picnics in your backyard?
Picnic at night would scare me – I hate the dark. In our backyard, our neighbors would think it’s odd – so I’ll say lake.

Thank you to Lisanne for this.

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