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2004-06-10T15:04:52.550-05:00Ray Charles died. He was one of our faves. His song, “Singin’ My Song” is our song. So it’s a sad day at the Frank house.

Other than that, today has been fine. Again I have everything open and the breeze is blowing and it’s cloudy and cool. I am planning on heading out to the porch and reading till Mark gets home. Not sure what we’re doing tonight. Thursdays are kind of like our Fridays because we usually begin our “weekend” on Thursday nights.

I really can’t believe there’s no mail tomorrow – have they ever shut down government offices for a day of mourning for any other president’s death? Excluding JFK. I don’t think so. I know they didn’t for Nixon. And scores of other ex-presidents have died and we didn’t have such a big hoopla about them. Wonder what the difference is…?

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