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Well, the weekend is over. It was so super crazy here. I’m ready to sleep in tomorrow morning. Where did I leave off? Uhmmm – this morning. We got up and read the papers and had coffee. Then got ready to go. We had tickets to see the touring version of “The Producers”. Mark is thinking about staging it some day, and he’s in love with the movie, but we really wanted to see the musical. It’s ok – we laughed and everything, but our heart is still with the movie. We had a friend with us, so we went to dinner afterwards then we went to a bookstore and had some after-dinner coffee. Now we’re finally home, and I have started laundry.

I think it’s gonna be another late night here for me. I am ok with that though. Tomorrow I have major cleaning to do – it’s family room “spring cleaning” day. Since that room is used a lot, there’s much to do. I am giving Mark a list of things to do while I stay home and clean – I can work better if he’s out of the house. Isn’t that funny?

I should probably get going – I need to put a load in the dryer and start another load. Ah, isn’t life wonderful?

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