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We got to sleep in this morning. That was nice. I sent Mark out with a list of things to do while I stayed home and cleaned. Then we had to run a few errands. And it seemed like it was dinner time before we knew it.

I’m putting stuff on eBay tonight. Just seeing if anything sells – who knows. We’ve never sold before, but I think we’ll give it a shot and see how it all goes.

I have another list of stuff for Mark to do tomorrow. He doesn’t know it yet…hee-hee. It’s nice having him around so he can get the little things done while I’m cleaning or something. I do have to run into work and do a little bit of work. I am not totally finished with my online class and that darn thing starts in two weeks. Blah! I’ll get it all taken care of though.

I think it’s going to be a late night, I can just feel it I’m not tired and we’re both busy doing projects and stuff, so it looks like our summer is truly here.

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