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Whirlwind past few hours! We left for out of town yesterday afternoon about 3:00. We arrived at 5:00 and there was a mix-up with our hotel and we ended up being put up at the hotel next to ours and they paid for it. Not sure what happened with that, but hey, it’s ok. Then we went to the Arts Center for our friend’s gallery opening. Not too many people, but it was very cool to be there. We checked out the theatre also connected to the space and visited with the woman that runs it. We talked about possibly coming up and performing comedy. Always good to make connections.

We then headed for dinner and drove around till we found a Mexican place. Turned out two of the waitresses in the place were former students of ours. So we visited and caught up with them. The food wasn’t anything spectacular. We stayed at the restaurant a long time visiting with the girls and just hanging out. Then we returned to the hotel and lounged around and went to bed early.

We got up at 6:30 – grabbed some free breakfast and hit the road for back home. A friend of ours was coming over that morning to work on our laptop’s wireless connection. We need to take the laptop to him on Monday to have him check something out with his wireless stuff, then we’ll know what we have to buy. Turns out our router isn’t working.

We then hopped back in the car and headed out for an afternoon of fun. We grabbed a quick lunch and then stopped off at the thrift store, the bookstore, and the dollar store. Then we went to the mall and bought some more stuff, and got our tickets to see the movie Troy. Long movie, but it didn’t feel terribly long. Ok, here’s my review. Even though I’m a fan of The Iliad, I am a little miffed that they strayed so far from the storyline. However, I do appreciate the nakedness of Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. My God! I am going to dream of Brad Pitt tonight! Here’s the thing with that – I’ve never even been a huge of Brad’s – I mean, I’ve always thought he’s cute and everything, but I’ve never dropped my jaw when I saw him – until this afternoon. I don’t know what it is – maybe I’m attracted to skirt wearing, sword wielding men. Ok, that and he is majorly cut! And tan, and his butt is awesome! Ok, nuff said.

Then we headed out for dinner and sat and talked about Greek mythology for the whole time. Mark is a huge fan of all things Greek. As soon as we came home he grabbed some books off the shelf and started researching stuff. We both are wondering how they decided what to keep in and what to take out of the movie. We’ve already decided how we would’ve done it. They need to make a version of The Odyssey now.

It’s going to be a late night because I’m not tired! Perhaps my after dinner coffee didn’t help. I want to get some stuff done around here considering we weren’t home all day.

Tomorrow we are heading out to see the touring version of The Producers. Mark is a huge Mel Brooks fan, we’ve seen the movie numerous times, and we’re theatre people – what more could we ask? I think Monday will come around and we’ll be ready for the break after this weekend is over. Plus, we’re taking a friend of ours with us to the play and then we’re going out to dinner with him afterwards.

Then, Mark has a late-night rehearsal for a show he’s in with some friends. They’re doing Sam Shepard’s True West? Love it – but I fear it at the same time. I only fear it because it gave me grief in one of my grad classes. That was the only time I had to hold back tears in a class. The teacher was ruthless with me. Oh well, that’s over with now – thank goodness!

Alright – off to straighten up the house!

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