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You are reading the blog of our college’s Distinguished Professor of the Year! Yup, that’s me alright. Boy was I surprised. We have a gathering at the end of the year to honor faculty and staff and I was shocked and happy. I got a huge plaque and $100. Incentive for hard work, huh? Then a few of us went out for celebration drinks. Mark drank much more than I did. I ended up driving us home. He was tipsy. We went for pizza afterwards and some of his students were working and they were laughing at him. He had a little hangover this morning, but he’s good now.

Tomorrow I have two finals – one in my Acting III class, and one in my Shakespeare class. Then I have two meetings in the afternoon along with graduation rehearsal. It’s gonna be a busy Thursday for me.

I am the Professor of the Year (POTY) – at least that’s what Mark keeps calling me – his poty!! ha-ha!

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