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It’s finals week! Rock on!

We went to a lovely Italian place last night for Mark’s bday. We will definitely go back there again. A co-worker mentioned once that she went there and really enjoyed it. So, we decided to check it out. It’s in a simple little storefront place. But once you get inside it’s decorated like little Italy. Great music, smells, atmosphere – everything. We had Asiago stuffed olives that were breaded and fried with marinara sauce for an appetizer. The salads were nothing to rave about. The breadsticks were delish! The dipping olive oil was flavored with rosemary and thyme and was fabulous. I ordered the chicken Parmesan – I adored it. And Mark got the spaghetti with sausage meat balls. He said he wouldn’t get his again – it was a little too plain for his liking. He wanted the meatballs to be spicier. For desert we shared a 7- layer chocolate cake. The frostings and the mousses on it were wonderful, but the cake itself was a little dry. I had their house coffee – smooth, and Mark ordered a caramel cappucino – very rich. It was a wonderful birthday dinner for him.

After dinner we went to the hospital because a co-worker/friend was working on a tree house for his child this past Sunday, and his chainsaw slipped. He cut through the back of his left heel – tendons and everything. He’s doing fine physically right now, but it’s going to be a long haul for him and he’s a very active man. Plus, he’s in the middle of a divorce and is very depressed now – I can’t blame him. We’re gonna try to help as much as possible because once he’s released he’ll be in a wheelchair and I’m not sure how he’s gonna get along at home. He lives about 5 blocks from us, so we can swing over there and help him. Poor guy. It made me happy for my health and happier for my wonderful marriage.

I need to remember never to take anything for granted!

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